Baylor University
Psychology and Neuroscience
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Student Perspectives

Baylor's Psy.D. program has been priming students for careers as professional psychologists for more than three decades and values the experiences and perspectives of its current students and alumni. Below are program evaluations of current students.

Mike Mandrusiak - Class of 2007
"Baylor University's Doctorate of Psychology program is challenging, demanding, and rigorous, both academically and clinically. It was instrumental in shaping my personal and professional growth and helping me to become a skilled and competent professional. The program nicely balances didactic training, clinical exposure and research activities. Despite its strong clinical focus, I was able to collaborate in a successful research platform that resulted in several publications. I have also been very satisfied with how prepared I was for my clinical internship, and I am optimistic about my employment prospects. From an international perspective, Baylor's program was recommended by a task force of the Canadian Psychological Association as one of the three strongest Psy.D. programs in the United States. Its national and international reputation was helpful assurance for me in choosing to pursue my training at Baylor. I wish you the best in your graduate training, wherever that may take place."

Amanda Parsons - Class of 2006
"The Psy.D. program at Baylor has offered me more than I ever dreamt to look for when I was applying to graduate schools three years ago. It has afforded me the opportunity to gain extensive clinical experience with a variety of populations, to learn from academicians and psychologists with integrity, competence, and a sincere commitment to my learning and personal development, and to learn and play alongside tremendously talented, thoughtful, intelligent, and warm classmates. I deeply value the open exchange of ideas encouraged in my classes and the atmosphere of respect fostered by my professors, and I'm grateful for the supportive, growth-oriented paradigm employed by my practicum supervisors. I'm particularly grateful for the freedom I feel to explore issues of spirituality both in the classroom and in my clinical work.

"For me, what sets Baylor's program apart from many other graduate programs in psychology are the spirit of collaboration its constituents inspire and its investment in attracting teachers and students with character and a genuine concern about the welfare of others. Even when I make mistakes and struggle with the challenges of shaping my professional identity, I know that I have a team of passionate and insightful professors, psychologists, and classmates in my corner, and that has made all the difference. Choosing Baylor as my graduate school has broadened my intellectual scope, sharpened my sensitivity to multicultural issues, heightened my appreciation for what psychologists are doing to improve the human condition, and brought me immeasurable growth as a person and as a professional."

Robert Schneider - Class of 2004
"The Baylor Psy.D. program provides superb generalist training. A rigorous academic curriculum, a dedicated faculty with a collectively vast clinical knowledge, and a diverse array of excellent practicum sites help students build an extremely solid knowledge base. In addition, the cohesion-promoting small class size allows students to learn a great deal from each other along the way. I look back on my 3 years in the program as by far the richest learning experience of my life. The quality of our training in assessment and psychotherapy is particularly apparent to me now, as I complete my internship. The other interns at my site come from two of the best Ph.D. programs in the country. In virtually all aspects of clinical work, my training has clearly been at least as good as theirs -- and in personality assessment and therapeutic fundamentals, I must say that my training has been markedly better."

Oriel Offit - Class of 2004
"The internship preparation that the Baylor Psy.D. program provides for its students is superb. I am currently doing my internship at a VA hosptial,and have found that my classwork at Baylor prepared me to treat the tremendous variety of patients I have encountered. I have also found that after working with the Baylor faculty I am able to work with supervisors of all different orientations. While I am always learning more doing clinical work, I believe that the Baylor PsyD program provides exceptional clinical training. In addition to being excellent teachers and clinicians, the Baylor faculty is also tremendously supportive of its students. I could not have asked for a better training and educational experience."