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Dr. Wade C. Rowatt

Faculty - Wade Rowatt

Professor of Psychology

BSB A.317 (254) 710-2254

Professor of Psychology


Ph.D. Experimental Psychology Univeristy of Louisville 1997
M.A. Experimental Psychology University of Louisville 1997
B.A. Psychology and Philosophy William Jewell College 1991


Dr. Rowatt joined the Baylor faculty in 1997. He completed his Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology (social-personality specialization) and his B.A. in psychology and philosophy. Dr. Rowatt teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in social psychology, personality, and psychology of religion. He enjoys running and basketball.

Dr. Rowatt uses an apprenticeship model to teach undergraduates and graduate students about psychological science (especially social-personality psychology). Along with his student collaborators*, Dr. Rowatt studies personality traits like humility, the relationship between dimensions of religiousness and prejudice, and deception.

Representative Publications

Meagher, B. R., Leman, J. C., Bias, J. P., Latendresse, S. J., Rowatt, W. C. (2015). Contrasting self-report and consensus ratings of intellectual humility and arrogance. Journal of Research in Personality, 58, 35-45.

Rowatt, W. C., Kang, L., Haggard, M. C., LaBouff, J. P. (2014). A social-personality psychological perspective on humility, religiousness, and spirituality. Journal of Psychology and Theology, 42, 31-40.

Fergus, T. A. & Rowatt, W. C. (2014). Personal uncertainty strengthens associations between scrupulosity and both moral appraisals of intrusive thoughts and beliefs God is upset with sins. Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology, 33, 51-74.

Rowatt, W. C., *Johnson, M. K., *LaBouff, J. P., & *Gonzalez, A. (2013). Religious fundamentalism and right-wing authoritarianism, and prejudice: Insights from meta-analyses, implicit social cognition, and social neuroscience. In R. Paloutzian & C. Park (Eds.). Handbook of Psychology of Religion and Spirituality (2nd ed.). Guilford Press.

Johnson, M. K., Rowatt, W. C., & LaBouff, J. P. (2012). Religion and prejudice revisited: In-group favoritism, out-group derogation, or both? Psychology of Religion and Spirituality, 4, 154-168.

Johnson, M.K., Rowatt, W. C., LaBouff, J., Patock-Peckham, J., & Carlisle, R.D. (2012). Facets of right-wing authoritarianism mediate the relationship between religious fundamentalism and attitudes toward Arabs and African-Americans. Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion, 51, 128-142.

LaBouff, J. P., Rowatt, W. C., Johnson, M. K., Tsang, J., & McCullough*, G. (2012). Humble people are more helpful than less humble persons: Evidence from three studies. Journal of Positive Psychology, 7, 16-29.

LaBouff, J. P., Rowatt, W. C., Johnson, M. K., & Finkle*, C. (2011). Differences in attitudes towards out-groups in religious and non-religious contexts in a multi-national sample: A situational context priming study. International Journal for the Psychology of Religion, 22, 1-9.

*Johnson, M. K., Rowatt, W. C., Petrini, L. (2011). A new trait on the market: Honesty-humility as a unique predictor of job performance. Personality and Individual Differences, 50, 857-862.

*Johnson, M. K., Rowatt, W. C., Bernard-Brak, L. M., Patock-Peckham, J. A.,*LaBouff, J. P., *Carlisle, R. D.(2011). A meditational analysis of the role of right-wing authoritarianism and religious fundamentalism in the religiosity-prejudice link. Personality and Individual Differences, 50, 851-856.

Owens, B. P., Rowatt, W. C., & Wilkins, A. L. (2011). Exploring the relevance and implications of humility in organizations. In K. Cameron and G. Spreitzer (Eds.) The Handbook of Positive Organizational Scholarship. Oxford University Press.

*Johnson, M. K., Rowatt, W. C., & *LaBouff, J. P. (2010). Priming Christian religious concepts increases racial prejudice. Social Psychological and Personality Science, 1, 119-126.

*LaBouff, J. P., Rowatt, W. C. et al. (2010). Development and initial validation of an implicit measure of religiousness-spirituality. Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion, 49, 439-455.

Rowatt, W. C., *LaBouff, J. P., *Johnson, M., Froese, P., & Tsang, J. (2009). Associations among religiousness, social attitudes, and prejudice in a national sample of American adults. Psychology of Religion and Spirituality, 1, 14-24.

Rowatt, W. C., *Powers, C., *Targhetta, V., *Comer, J., *Kennedy, S., & *LaBouff, J. (2006). Development and initial validation of an implicit measure of humility relative to arrogance. Journal of Positive Psychology, 1, 198-211.

Rowatt, W. C., *Franklin, L., & *Cotton, M. (2005). Patterns and personality correlates of implicit and explicit attitudes toward Christians and Muslims. Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion, 44, 29-43.

Rowatt, W. C., & *Franklin, L. (2004). Christian orthodoxy, religious fundamentalism, and right-wing authoritarianism as predictors of implicit racial prejudice. The International Journal for the Psychology of Religion, 14, 125-138.

Rowatt, W. C., & Schmitt, D. (2003). Associations between religious orientation and varieties of sexual experience. Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion, 42, 455-465.

Rowatt, W. C., & Kirkpatrick, L. A. (2002). Two dimensions of attachment to God and their relation to affect, personality, and religiosity constructs. Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion, 41, 637-651.

Rowatt, W. C., *DeLue, S., *Strickhouser, L., & *Gonzalez, T. (2001). The limited role of self-monitoring on romantic partner preferences. Personality and Individual Differences, 31, 943-954.

Rowatt, W. C., Cunningham, M. R., & Druen, P.B. (1999). Lying to get a date: The effect of facial physical attractiveness on willing to deceive prospective dating partners. Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, 16, 211-225.

Rowatt, W. C., Cunningham, M. R., & Druen, P. B. (1998). Deception to get a date. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 24, 1228-1242.

Ph.D. Graduates
Jordan LaBouff (Assistant Professor, University of Maine)
Megan Johnson Shen (Current: Assistant Professor of Psychology in Medicine, Weill Cornell Medical College; previously post-doc, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center)
Megan Haggard

Current Ph.D. Students
Linda Kang
Joseph Leman

Current Psy.D. Student
Will Hunter

Primary Courses

  • PSY 3310 - Social Psychology
  • PSY 4327 - Personality Psychology
  • PSY 4339 - Psychology of Religion
  • PSY 4V96 - Social-Personality Psychology Research
  • PSY 5339 - Social-Organizational Psychology
  • PSY 5350 - Advanced Personality Psychology