Ordering Online From OfficeMax

Processing Steps

  • Obtain Purchasing Card
  • Complete the Login Registration Form
  • Fax Login Registration Form to Albert Rodriquez
  • Email Notification of Login Name to Supply Buyer
  1. Purchasing Card Holder - Steps for Receiving a Purchasing Card can be found at Purchasing Card.

  2. Login Registration Form - Complete the Login Registration Form. Allow 2-3 business days for account setup. If you have questions, please contact Albert Rodriquez at 2621.

  3. Login Name Activated - The Supply Buyer will be notified by email when their Login name has been activated, and a generic password assigned. Upon access, the password should be changed to something unique to the buyer.

  4. OfficeMax Solutions Ordering Guide - For step by step instructions on creating your first order, refer to the OfficeMax Office Solutions Ordering Guide.

  5. Creating a Personal Shopping List - Allows the supply buyer to set up a list of supplies ordered on a regular basis - alleviating the need to research repeated product codes. Create a Personal Shopping List.

IMPORTANT - It is against Purchasing Card Policy to allow anyone other than the cardholder to gain access to the Supplies On-Line Account.

Albert Rodriquez
Phone: 710-2621
Email: Albert_Rodriquez@baylor.edu