Expiring and Reissued Cards

A Purchasing Card typically expires after three years at the end of the expiring month listed on the card. The Cardholder will receive a new card the month preceding the expiration date of the old card. Cards are mailed around the 15th of the month from JPMorgan. Reissued cards will be sent to the Cardholder's address as it appears in PaymentNet under Employee Profiles. You will need to cut up your old card and discard when you receive your new card. Reissued cards do need to be activated. Call the # on the sticker and remember to provide your Baylor ID #.

If you have an online account with Office Max, you will need to update your expiration date on your account by following the instructions below:Log on to the website www.officemaxsolutions.com
  1. Log on to the OfficeMax website
  2. Click on the top tab called "Account Set-up"
  3. Select Set Up credit card
  4. Click on your credit card alias (inside the box)
  5. Click on Add/Update

**SPECIAL NOTE: The old card will remain active until the last day of the expiration month or until the new card is used for the first time.