Receiving a Purchasing Card

1. Employee is Authorized - Department Heads will authorize the employee to complete a Purchasing Card Enrollment Application. The employee's Approving Supervisor should sign the form prior to submittal.

2. Employee Submits Enrollment Application and User Agreement - The employee will be expected to read these procedures and will be required to sign the Purchasing Card User Agreement indicating that the employee understands the procedures and the responsibilities of a Cardholder. Both forms need to be completed and submitted to the Purchasing Card Manager at the same time via email, fax, or campus mail.

3. Completes the Purchasing Card Online Tutorial - After receiving both above forms, the Purchasing Card Manager sends an email to the employee instructing the completion of the course. Completion is required every two years.

4. Email notification - After account has been set up in PaymentNet; the Cardholder and Approver will receive an email with policy and access information.

5. Receiving Chip Card - The Purchasing Card will be mailed by the bank to the Cardholder's campus mailing address within 7 to 10 business days from notice of tutorial completion.

6. Activate Card - The Cardholder activates the card and sets a Pin by calling the 800 # on the sticker on the front of the card. Provide Cardholder Baylor ID# instead of SS#.

7. Automatic Email Notification from JPMorgan - If you had a transaction posted to your account, you will receive an automatic daily email advising of the need to review.
If you do not receive these emails and have made charges on your Purchasing Card, please check your junk email. If the valid emails have landed there, please add them to your "safe senders" list.

8. Email Notification from Purchasing Card Manager - You will receive bi-monthly emails with instructions on reconciliation that is required by policy. If you do not receive these emails and have made charges on your Purchasing Card, please contact your Purchasing Card Manager.

9. Automatic Cancellation - Any P-Card with no activity for a period of 18 consecutive months will be canceled by JPMorgan without notice.

The Purchasing Card Manager will maintain records of Purchasing Card requests, dollar limits, Cardholder transfers, and lost/stolen card information.

• It is the Cardholder's responsibility to safeguard the Purchasing Card and account number to the same degree that a Cardholder safeguards his/her personal credit information.
• The Cardholder must not allow anyone to use his/her account number. A violation of this trust may result in the Cardholder having his/her card withdrawn and disciplinary action taken.