Board of Regents

About the Board of Regents

The Board of Regents is the official governing body of Baylor University. Regents are selected by election, with 75% of the membership elected by the Regents themselves and UP TO 25% elected by the Baptist General Convention of Texas. Beginning in 2016, three additional Regents joined the Board as Alumni-Elected Regents.” In the future, these three Regents will be elected by the Alumni of Baylor University. Regents serve a three-year term, and may serve up to three terms consecutively before they must rotate off the Board for at least one year.

Questions concerning the Board of Regents should be addressed to the Office of the President.

Current Regents

  • Allison, Joel T.
  • Allison, Miles Jay
  • Beauchamp, Robert E.
  • Beene, William Brett*
  • Brian, Linda
  • Carlile, Kenneth Q.
  • Chapman, Daniel H.
  • Clements, Jerry K.
  • Dixon, Andrea*
  • Elrod, Jennifer Walker
  • Fisher, Wayne
  • Giglio, Shelley
  • Gray, James Cary
  • Harper, David H.
  • Heard, Larry P.
  • Hixson, Milton
  • Hord III, Dan
  • Hurd, Mark
  • Jeffrey, Neal
  • Lovvorn, Mark E.
  • Mann, Debbra Bradley*
  • McCollum, Mark A.
  • Murff, Ronald D.
  • Neel, Emily*
  • Pullin, Randolph L.
  • Reeter, Jeff D.
  • Robbins Jr., William K.
  • Robinson, C. Clifton
  • Rountree, Mark
  • Simon, William S.
  • Stevens, Kim
  • Stewart, Philip W.
  • Thomas, Daniel S.*
  • Turner, Julie Hermansen
  • Wiles, Dennis R.
  • Willis, Richard S
  • Wilson, Ronald L.
* - Indicates non-voting member

Regents Emeriti

  • Getterman, Sue Holt
  • McLane Jr., Drayton