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So, you're a student at Baylor and thinking that Law School may be the next step? This page can help you think through whether a career in law is a good fit for you.

What Does Pre-Law Mean?

Pre-Law is a pre-professional track, not a major. By declaring Pre-Law, it identifies you to your advisors that you are following this track and your advisor will be able to help you make informed decisions about courses that will help prepare you for the LSAT and for Law School. Students who attend law school have degrees in many different majors and come from all walks of life and educational backgrounds. In essence, there are no particular classes or majors required.

Can I Major in Pre-Law?

Pre-Law at Baylor is not a major but rather a pre-professional track available to all undergraduate students. The American Bar Association (ABA) Preparing for Law School web site does not recommend any particular group of majors for students interested in becoming lawyers. Rather, experts recommend maximizing your education by taking the most rigorous and demanding classes possible. For detailed recommendations on each stage of pre-law preparation, read the Pre-Law Timeline. If you wish to add or delete the pre-law designation on your student record, please contact your primary advisor or an advisor in University Advisement (freshmen) or CASA (sophomore - seniors).

Why be "pre-law"?

If you are interested in going to law school, it is a benefit to you if you have declared "pre-law" on your student record. That way, you will find out about events and be in touch with like-minded students, faculty, and staff.

Baylor Pre-Law Can help you:

  1. discern whether a career in law may be good fit for you;
  2. consider various majors/minors and programs at Baylor that can enhance your preparation for Law School;

  3. decide to which law schools you should apply; and

  4. assist with all aspects of the law school application process.

You can have the Pre-Law designation added by contacting your academic advisor or by contacting Pre-Law Coordinator Elizabeth Cano at .

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