Baylor University
Prehealth Programs
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Learning Objectives (PRAP)

Providence Research Associates Program

Baylor Premed Student Learning Objectives

The student will:

1. Demonstrate the beginning understanding of professionalism in healthcare setting, by adhering to Providence Health Center dress code, interacting with patients in professional manner, being accountable to dedicated hours in research department.

2. Demonstrate understanding of HIPPA regulations as per Providence Health Center orientation.

3. Demonstrate ability to enter research data in database as indicated per research team.

4. Obtain basic knowledge of analyzing research data with instruction per research team.

5. Obtain basic knowledge of the process of teamwork, collaboration and multi-disciplinary care in the healthcare setting by participating in multidisciplinary activities as related to research at Providence Health Center.

6. Demonstrate knowledge of the clinical research process by actively participating in a research project with the Providence Health Center Research team.

7. Apply knowledge of medical topics by performing medical literature search with APA Annotated Bibliography as applicable to research project.