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NSTM 2013 Summer Institute Student - Lauren Roddy

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Words from Lauren

I have seen first-hand the effects of tropical disease in the developing world, so it was extremely valuable to learn more about these diseases from researchers and physicians who are using their unique skills to attack part of the problem. Each presenter was an expert in a different area of the field of tropical medicine, so we were provided a unique insight into how interdisciplinary the field of tropical medicine truly is, with no shortage of areas in which we can get involved. I left the Summer Institute inspired and empowered to find where my particular skills and passions meet a need within the field of tropical medicine!

The Tropical Medicine Summer Institute is a completely unique opportunity for students to gain knowledge about each subdiscipline of tropical medicine in a way that is hands-on and exciting. Students will be introduced to parasitology, malnutrition, epidemiology, and HIV/AIDS policy, as well as many, many other areas by innovative researchers and practicing physicians working in the field of tropical medicine. Students will not only gain a deeper understanding of the interdisciplinary field that is tropical medicine, but they will leave inspired and empowered to make a difference!