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NSTM 2013 Summer Institute Student - Jessica Korona

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Words from Jessica

Through this program, I learned about many of the issues encompassing tropical medicine. There are so many different areas of medicine involved with tropical medicine, such as nutrition, vaccine development, neglected tropical diseases, dermatology, infectious diseases, and sanitation. This program allowed all involved to synthesize all these areas into starting to understand the issues included within global health.

This program inspired me to pursue tropical medicine and global health to a further level. The field has captured my interest has lead me to think about different career choices. There are so many different ways to be involved in tropical medicine and I hope to remain involved all throughout my life.

This is a great experience to others. If you think that you are interesting in tropical medicine you should apply. Dr. Hotez and his colleagues are extremely knowledgable about global health and they can and will give you an accurate depiction of the reality of global health. I found the program to be a very rewarding experience.