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The Baylor2 Medical Track Program is a combined 8-year baccalaureate/MD program for high-achieving students.

Baylor University and Baylor College of Medicine have an agreement that grants six outstanding high school students provisional acceptance to Baylor College of Medicine upon matriculation to Baylor University. One of the six students selected will receive a scholarship valued at $80,000 covering $10,000 per year for four years of undergraduate study at Baylor University and four additional years of medical study at Baylor College of Medicine.

Requirements for consideration

Students must have a complete admissions application file submitted to the Baylor Admissions Office by the November 1 Early Action deadline. Students must list pre-medicine as their pre-professional area of study on the Baylor application. **This requirement has been amended: Submit your Baylor University application by the November 1 deadline. You must have applied to Baylor University but your application file does not have to be complete by the November 1 deadline. However, it is best if you can do so as soon as possible.

Achieve a minimum 1400 SAT (one sitting including Verbal and Math) or a minimum 32 ACT score in one sitting.

Rank in the top 5% of high school graduating class or possess a minimum 3.7/4.0 GPA.

This program is only open to U.S. Citizens and Permanent Residents.

Students must complete the Baylor2 Medical Track Program application. More information on the interview process will only be given to those student who qualify for the first-round interview. The first-round interview date is Friday, January 23, 2015. After all interviews have been completed at Baylor University, the screening committee will select the top applicants and send a short list of the most highly qualified individuals and their credentials to the Baylor College of Medicine for consideration. Baylor College of Medicine will conduct a second round of interviews and select the six students to receive guaranteed admission into Baylor College of Medicine provided the selected students meet or exceed the requirements below.

Requirements for the Undergraduate Program

These students will have to maintain a 3.5 (on a 4.0 Scale) overall and science Grade Point Average at Baylor University. Also, these students must still participate in all of the traditional premedical coursework at Baylor University. Additionally, these selected students will be required to take the MCAT and score in the range of 500-507 with no section less than 125 in order to matriculate to Baylor College of Medicine upon graduation from Baylor University.

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