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Tiffany Clark

M.A. Candidate in International Relations

B.A. Political Science and International Studies, Baylor University, 2012

Originally from Houston, Texas, Tiffany graduated from Baylor University in May 2012 and entered the Masters in International Relations Program in the fall of 2012. During her undergraduate career, she focused on international law, international relations, foreign policy, and the Middle East. Her honors thesis at Baylor researched the social identity of individual operatives in terrorist networks and how their motives and end goals impact US foreign policy. She plans to continue that research, concentrating particularly on the evolving role of women in terrorist organizations and the need to develop a counterterrorism policy that addresses how women are used by their respective organizations to plan and implement attacks. She also hopes to deepen her understanding of the Middle East and the vital role the region plays in a global arena of international relations, especially in light of the continued uprising of the Arab Spring.