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Criminal Justice Minor
Requirements for a Minor in Criminal Justice

Nineteen semester hours, including the following:

    A. American Government - Three semester hours selected from
        PSC 1305 American National Government, or
        PSC 1306 American State and Local Government

    B. Criminal Justice Core - Seven semester hours as listed below:
        1. PSC/CCS 3302 Criminal Justice
        2. SOC 4352 Criminology
        3. CCS 1102 Community Law Enforcement

    C. Public Policy, Law, and Criminal Justice - Six semester hours selected from:*
        CCS 3372 Law, Justice, and Community
        CSS 3306 Interviewing
        CSS 3307 Legal Communication
        PSC 3312 Public Administration
        PSC 3320 Minority and Ethnic Group Politics
        PSC 3322 American Public Policy
        PSC 4321 Administrative Law
        PSC 4330 Urban Political Processes
        PSC 4381 American Constitutional Law: Rights and Liberties
        SOC 3360 Juvenile Delinquency
        SOC 3361 Extreme Deviance
        PSY 3321 Abnormal Psychology
        PSY 3330 Psychopathology

    D. Internship - Three semester hours selected from:
        PSC 3382 Public Service Internship (criminal justice focus)
        PSC 3392 Washington Internship (criminal justice focus)
        PSC 3398 Bob Bullock Internship (criminal justice focus)

* Appropriate courses not listed here may be substituted with approval

For more information, contact:

Dr. James A. Curry
Professor of Political Science
Baylor University
346.05 Draper; 254-710-3549