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Graduate Program
The Graduate Program at Baylor prepares students for careers as scholars, teachers, policy makers, public managers, and researchers. Students may apply for the PhD program in political science, or our Master's Programs, the Master of Arts in international relations (MA) and the Master of Public Policy and Administration (MPPA). The department also cooperates with Baylor's School of Law in administering the Juris Doctor and Masters of Public Policy and Administration (JD/MPPA). Students in the Ph.D. program earn the Master of Arts in Political Science in the process of completing their Ph.D. degree.

Students interested in applying should check out the description of our programs and courses, as well as the profiles of our faculty and graduate students currently in the program.

Each year the Department of Political Science selects a short list of students to be considered for financial aid, and sponsors visits to the campus for them. For several years now we have held "Visitors' Days" in which we welcome prospective graduate students for a day of orientation, intellectual stimulation, and fun. The day is filled with a variety of activities, from discussions on theoretical perspectives of political science to graduate student housing. Students visit individually with our graduate professors and interact with our current graduate students.

Click here for information about graduate student housing. You might also like to visit the Graduate School's page that provides information about living in Waco as well as a virtual tour of Baylor's campus.


If you have questions about our programs, please contact our Graduate Program Director, Dr. Timothy Burns, at


Mrs. Jenice Langston is the Graduate Program Administrator. She can be found in the Political Science department office, Burleson Suite 307 and can be reached either at 254.710.3161 or by email at