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Ph.D. Student Recieves Best Paper Award at LSU

March 21, 2013

Daniel Padgett, Ph.D. candidate, received the "Best Paper Award" at the 6th Annual LSU Graduate Philosophy Conference.

Padgett's thesis on Reid's Neglected Alternative is:

"Kant's response to skepticism, transcendental idealism, is not as well motivated as Kant might have thought. I start the paper by arguing that Kant offers us a dilemma: either objects conform to cognition, or cognition conforms to objects. The latter has led us to skepticism; so, Kant claims, we must choose the former. But, I argue, that Kant hasn't given us the whole story: it's possible to split the horns of the dilemma, and that is what Thomas Reid seems to have done, albeit several years before Kant published the Critique of Pure Reason. "