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Previous Meetings

Philosophy Club Interest Mixer Fall 2009
Fall 2009 Interest Mixer

Dr. Buras recent reflections on God and the Meaning of Life - September 10, 2009
Dr. Buras presents on God and the Meaning of Life - Sept 10

Dr.'s Hart & Macaskill demonstrate how Milton's Paradise Lost and The Dark Knight shed light on the Problem of Evil- September 24, 2009
St. Andrews Professors present on Milton, The Dark Knight, and the Problem of Evil - Sept 24

Dr. David Corey expounds the history of the Just War Tradition- October 8, 2009
Dr. David Corey presents on Just War - October 8

Dr. David Henry considers the wisdom of Plato in relation to the question of love- November 5, 2009
Dr. Henry presents on Plato\'s Symposium - Nov 5

The students of philosophy club lead discussion on topics of interest for the Baylor community- November 21, 2009
Phil Club Open Forum - Nov 12

World-renowned Kierkegaard scholar C. Stephen Evans explores the story of Abraham and Isaac according to Kierkegaard - November 19, 2009
Dr. C Stephen Evans presents on Kierkegaard\'s Abraham and Isaac - Nov 19

Dr. Trent Dougherty hosts a cookout with carols and philosophical discussion for the philosophy club - December 4, 2009
Philosophy Club Cookout - Dr. Dougherty\'s Crib (Dec 4)

Dr. Thomas Hibbs, Dean of the Honors College and Distinguished Professor of Ethics and Culture starts off 2010 with advise on how to study Aquinas - January 21, 2010
Dean Hibbs on Aquinas - January 21, 2010

Open Forum -
January 28, 2010

Philosophy Club - Jan 28

Open Forum -
February 4, 2010

Philosophy Club - Feb 4

Dr. David Lyle Jeffrey, Distinguished Professor of Literature and Humanities, applies the concepts of truth and verification to various areas of academia and discusses broad intellectual understandings, or misunderstandings, of each concept -
February 11, 2010

Philosophy Club - Feb 11

Open Forum -
February 25, 2010

Philosophy Club - Feb 25

Dan Johnson and Adam Pelser, Ph.D. Candidates in the Philosophy Department, present a paper they co-wrote on the topic of humor and persuasion-
March 4, 2010

Philosophy Club - March 4

Dr. Barry Harvey, Professor of Theology-
April 15, 2010

Philosophy Club - April 15 - Barry Harvey

Dr. Robert Baird, Professor of Philosophy-
September 16, 2010

Phi Club 9/16

Dr. Dan Hanchey, Professor of Classics-
November4, 2010

Phi Club Nov 4

Philosophy Club Ice Breaker Fall 2012
September 6, 2012

Philosophy Club 9-6-12

Dr. Michael Beaty, Professor of Philosophy; Chair of the Philosophy Department-
September 13, 2012Philosophy Club; Sept. 13

Philosophy Club Open Forum
September 20, 2012

Philosophy Club 9/20/12

Dr. Todd Buras, Professor of Philosophy; Director of the Undergraduate Program
October 11, 2012

Philosophy Club October 11

William Beteet, Senior Philosophy and History Major
October 25, 2012

Philosophy Club, Oct 25

Philosophy Club Open
November 8, 2012

Philosophy Club, November 8

Philosophy Club Open Forum on Graditude
November 15,2012

Philosophy Club, November 15

Baylor Philosophy Club and the Thomas Aquinas Society presents: "When Image is Everything" lecture by Dr. DeYoung
January 18, 2013

DeYoung Lecture January 2013

Philosophy Club Open Forum

January 24, 2013

Philosophy Club; Jan. 24

Philosophy Club Open Forum
January 31, 2013 Philosophy Club; Jan. 31 Philosophy Club's Valentine Symposium
February 14, 2013 Valentine Syposium