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Point of View - Alum 1 Jeff Manske
U.S. Magistrate Judge at US Courts

An Alumni's Point of View

One of my favorite quotes is by the philosopher Nietzsche who said, "A very popular error: having the courage of one's convictions; rather it is a matter of having the courage for an attack on one's convictions." I chose philosophy as my major because I intended to attend law school after graduating from Baylor. Baylor's philosophy department prepared me for the Socratic method (a professor using questions to explore a student's position) of teaching used in most law schools.

Importantly, being a Baylor philosophy major helped me develop critical reading abilities, as well as analytical and problem solving skills that I still use today as a federal judge. Other valuable skills I developed while studying philosophy at Baylor which have proved invaluable to me in the "real world" are oral communication, listening abilities, writing skills and learning to analyze logical fallacies.

I strongly believe that if I had not attended Baylor and majored in philosophy I would not be as well prepared as I am now to face the challenges in my job.

Thank you Baylor!

Jeff Manske
U.S. Magistrate Judge at US Courts