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Science and Human Nature: Russian and Western Perspectives

November 6-8, 2008
Baylor University

Supported by a grant from: The John Templeton Foundation; Co-sponsored by: Society of Christian Philosophers, the Baylor University Philosophy Department, the College of Arts and Sciences, the Office of the Provost, and the Baylor Institute for Faith and Learning.

List of presenters :

David Bradshaw
Philosophy, University of Kentucky

Boris Bratus
Psychology, Moscow State University

Alex Fokin
Philosophy, Russian Academy of the Sciences

Diana Gasparyan
Philosophy, Moscow State University Higher School of Economics

Loren Haarsma
Physics, Calvin College

Jonathan Jacobs
Philosophy, St. Louis University

Hakwan Lau
Psychology, Columbia University

James Marcum
Philosophy, Baylor University

Alexander Pruss
Philosophy, Baylor University

Vladimir Shokhin
Philosophy, Russian Academy of Sciences

Rev. Vladimir Shmaliy
Theology, Moscow Theological Academy

William Struthers
Psychology, Wheaton College

Eleonore Stump
Philosophy, St. Louis University

Richard Swinburne
Philosophy, Oxford Unversity

Vadim Vasilyev
Philosophy, Moscow State University

Rev. Michail Zheltov
Theology, St. Tikhon's Orthodox University