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Graduate Student Travel Awards Policy

The Philosophy Department encourages all graduate students to participate in professional and graduate student conferences. In order to help students take advantage of these important opportunities for professional development, both the Philosophy Department and the Graduate School offer significant financial support to defray the expenses associated with conference travel.

The Graduate School offers doctoral students two $300.00 awards to support conference travel each fiscal year. This money must be used for conferences for which you are presenting a paper. Details about this award may be found online. Sandra Harman ( handles these awards and would be the best person to talk to if you have any questions.

In addition to this generous support from the Graduate School, the Philosophy Department will provide $400.00 each fiscal year for each student to attend conferences where they are presenting papers. This money can be used to enhance the $300.00 Graduate school award or used to fund a third conference trip. You may split your $400.00 departmental allotment between different conferences.

If your travel expenses for the single conference are $300.00 or more, apply for and use $300.00 from the Graduate School first. The share of departmental funds will supplement the Graduate School award.

In addition, all graduate students should become aware of and participate in the wide variety of inexpensive conferences within driving distance from Baylor as well as those held on the Baylor campus.

$500.00 will be set-aside for each fourth or fifth year student who plans to attend the APA for job interviews. Students do not have to present a paper at the APA to receive this money. This money is meant to offset the significant cost of attending the APA for job interviews. If a student plans to go on the market in their fourth year, the student would also be eligible for this money. If you are using this money to go to the APA, you will not be eligible for another $400.00 from the department that fiscal year.

Travel Expense Reports: Those receiving financial support must provide receipts demonstrating the use of the funds provided by the Philosophy Department and the Graduate School. Contact Marilyn for information about filling out travel expense reports.

Please keep a record of the exact cost of your entire expenses for each conference even if you are not reimbursed for all of it and even if you don't receive any philosophy money. Please give Marilyn this information after each conference you attend. This helps us decide how much money to budget for student conference travel in the future.

If you have any questions about this process, please contact Dr. Alexander Pruss.