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Recent PhD Placements

Name Graduation Place of Employment Dissertation Title and Director
Glenn Gentry May-05 Dir. Of Humanities, Resident Faculty Beyond Augustine: The Ethical Structure of
    Columbia International University (Columbia, SC) Community (Carl G. Vaught)
Zach Manis December-06 Associate Professor Virtues, Divine Commands, and the Debt of 
    Southwest Baptist University (Bolivar, MO) Creation: Towards a Kierkegaardian
      Christian Ethic (C. Stephen Evans)
Erin Cline May-06 Assistant Professor of Chinese Philosophy and Religion (2006-2009) Kongzi, Rawls, and the Sense of Justice in
    University of Oregon (Portland, Oregon) Analects (Robert M. Baird)
    Assistant Professor, Theology Department (2009 - )  
    Georgetown University (Washington D.C.)  
Mark Tietjen August-06 Assistant Professor of Philosophy (2006 - ) Kierkegaard's Practice of Edification:
    University of West Georgia (Carollton, GA) Indirect Communication, the Virtues, and 
      Christianity (Robert C. Roberts)
Albert (Randy) Spencer May-07 Instructor of Philosophy  (2009 - ) Reconstructing the Republic: Dewey's Back
    Portland State University (Portland, OR) to Plato Movement (Stuart Rosenbaum)
Jay Howell August-09 Assistant Professor of Philosophy (2006 - ) Forgiveness in Kierkegaard's Ethic of 
    Chair, Philosophy Department (2009-2010; 2011-2012; 2012-2013) Neighborly Love (Robert C. Roberts)
    Chair, Ethics in Philosophy Division (2010-2011)  
    Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (Ft. Worth, TX)  
Sean Riley Fall 2011 Chair, History Dept. (Also teaching Ethics and Politics) Saintliness After MacIntyre (Michael Beaty)
    The Stony Brook School (Private High School, Stony Brook, NY)  
James (Jay) Bruce August-08 Assistant Profrofessor of Philosophy (2009 - ) Divine Choice and Natural Law: The
    John Brown University (Siloam Springs, AR) Eudokian Ethics of Francis Turretin
      (Thomas Hibbs)
David Alexander August-08 Assistant Professor of Philosophy - Tenure Track (2009- Teleological Moral Realism: An Explication 
    Huntington University  (Huntington, IN) and Defense (Michael Beaty)
John Wolfe August-08 Visiting Assistant Professor, Philosophy Transcending the Garden: The Role of the
    Xavier University - Cincinnati, OH (2009-2014) Sign of the Garden in Augustine's
    Dixie State University (St. George, UT) - Tenure-Track (2014 -) Confessions (Thomas Hibbs)
Jessy Jordan August-08 Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Tenure-Track (2009 - ) Iris Murdoch: Genealogist of the Modern
    Mount St. Mary's University (Emmitsburg, MD) Self (Scott Moore)
Taryn Whittington August-08 Assistant Profrofessor of Philosophy (2009 - 2011 ) Where is Socrates Going? The Philosophy of
    Malone University (Canton, OH) Conversion in Plato's Euthydemus
    Student at St. Meinrad Seminary, Indiana (2012-  ) (Anne-Marie Bowery)
Jonathan Sands Wise May-09 Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Tenure-Track (2009 - ) Like the Green Bay Tree: The Necessity of
    Georgetown College (Georgetown, KY) Virtue for Happiness (Robert C. Roberts)
Christina Williams (Hemati) May-09 Assistant Professor of  Philosophy (2009-2012) The Concept of Eternity in Kierkegaard's
    Houston Baptist University (Houston, TX) Philosophic Anthropology
    Part Time Instructor of Philosophy (2012 - ) (C. Stephen Evans)
    Southwest; Houston Community College (Houston, TX)  
Russell Hemati December-10 Assistant Professor of Philosophy (2011 - ) Augustine's Solution to the Problem of
    Chair, Department of Philosophy  
    Houston Baptist University (Houston, TX) Theological Fatalism (Michael Beaty)
Michael Cantrell  May-09 Student at the William H. Bowen School of Law (2009-2012) Kierkegaard and Modern Moral Philosophy:
    University of Arkansas (Little Rock, AR) Conceptual Unintelligibility, Moral
    Federal Judicial Clerk, United States Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit, St. Louis, MO (2012-2013)  Obligations and Divine Commands
    Federal Judicial Clerk, United States District Court for the Eastern District of Arkansas, Little Rock, AR (2013- )  (C. Stephen Evans)
Andrew Nam August-09 Adjunt Instructor (2009 - ) Kierkegaard's Dialectic of the One & the Many:
    University of Missouri (Kansas City, MO) A Platonic Quest for Existential Unity 
      (C. Stephen Evans)
Amy Antoninka December-09 Temporary Full-Time Lecturer (2012-2012) Without Measure: Marion's Apophatic - Virtue
    Baylor Interdisciplinary Core program, Baylor University (Waco, TX) Phenomenology of Iconic Love (Thomas Hibbs)
    Assistant Professor of Philosophy (2012 - )  
    McLennan Community College (Waco, TX)  
Mark Boone May-10 Visiting Assistant Professor of Philosophy (2010-2012) The Conversion & Therapy of Desire in 
    Berry College (Mount Berry, GA) Augustine's Cassiciacum Dialouges
    Assistant Professor of Philosophy (2012 - ) (Michael Foley and Thomas Hibbs)
    Forman Christian College (Lahore, Pakistan)  
Christopher Shrock May-13 Professor of Humanities (2010-2013) Thomas Reid and the Problem of Secondary 
    Dean of Students (2013- ) Qualities (Buras)
    Oklahoma School of Science and Mathematics (Oklahoma City, OK)  
Janelle Klapauszak August-11 Visiting Lecturer 2010-2011 The Middle Ground of Hope: A Reconstruction of
    Assistant Professor, Tenure-Track (2011 - ) Pascal's Epistemology (Thomas Hibbs)
     Torrey Honors Institute, Biola University (La Mirada, CA)  
Lewis Pearson August-09 Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Tenure-Track (2009 - ) Force & Persuasion in Plato's Republic
    University of Saint Francis (Ft. Wayne, IN) (Anne-Marie Schultz)
Paul Carron May-11 Baylor Interdisciplinary Core & Great Texts Taking Responsibility for Ourselves: A 
    Temporary Full Time Lecturer (2011-2012) Kierkegaardian Account of the Freedom-Relevant
    Part Time Lecturer BIC (2012 - ) Conditions Necessary for the Cultivation of 
    Baylor University (Waco, TX) Character (Robert C. Roberts)
Daniel Johnson August-11 Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Tenure-Track (2011 - ) Explanation in Metaphysics
    Shawnee State University (Portsmouth, OH) (Alexander Pruss)
Adam Pelser August-11 Vistiting Assistant Professor of Philosophy (2011-2012) Emotion, Evaluative Perception, and Epistemic 
    University of Oklahoma (Norman, OK) Goods (Robert C. Roberts)
    Post-doctoral Fellow, The Character Project, Department of Philosophy   
    Wake Forest University (2012 - 2013 )  
    Assistant Professor of Philosophyy (2013- )  
    United States Air Force Academy, Colorado Springs, CO  
Tom Tong August-11 Student, University of Texas Law School (Austin, TX) Student (2011 - ) Modeling Divine Deliberation
      (Jonathan Kvanvig)
Bradley Brummeler ABD Faculty, Senior High History Department (2011 - )  (Evans)
    The Stony Brook School (Long Island, NY)  
Ryan Byerly May-12 Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Apologetics The Evidential Support Relation (Kvanvig)
    Southeastern Bible College (Birmingham, AL) (Spring 2012)  
    Assistant Professor, Bibical Studies and Christian Ministry  (2012 - )  
    Regent University, Virgina Beach, VA  
Joel Schwartz May-12 Visiting Assistant Professor of Philosophy (2012 - ) Toward a Richer Account of Human Rights in 
    Berry College (Mount Berry, GA) Christian Moral Theory (Kruschwitz)
Nathan Carson May-13 Lecturer in Humanities and Philosophy (2012 -2013 ) Appreciation: Its Nature and Role in Virtue 
    Valparaiso Univeristy Ethical Moral Psychology and Dialectical Moral 
    Christ College, Interdisciplinary Honors College Agency (Roberts)
    Valparaiso, IN  
    Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Program Director (2013- )  
    Fresno Pacific University  
    Fresno, CA  
Travis Coblentz Dec. 2012 Assistant Professor of Philosophy (2012- ) Tragic Philosophy and Human Desire: Bringing 
    Southeast Bible College, Birmingham, AL  Nietzche and Plato into Conversation with 
      Contemporary Ethics (Schultz)
Matt Douglass ABD Ouachita Baptist University, Arkadelphia, AR (2012 - )  (Kvanvig)
John Spano May-13 Assistant Professor of Philosophy (2012- ) Augustine Against the Academic Doctrine, Way of
    McLennan Community College, Waco  Life, and Use of Text  (Foley)
Gregory Poore August-13 Assistant Professor of Liberal Arts (2013 -) Theism and the Justification of First Principles in 
    Shorter University, Rome, GA Thomas Reid's Epistemology (Buras)
Heidi Giannini May-13 Postdoctoral Research Associate (2013-) Neo-Kantian Wickedness: Constructivist and 
    Wake Forest University, Winston-Salem, NC Realist Responses to Moral Skepticism (Roberts)
  August-14 Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Hope College, Holland MI (2014 -   
Logan Gage August-14 Assistant Professor of Philosophy (2014-)  (Dougherty)
    Franciscan University of Steubenville, Steubenville, OH  
David Echelbarger August-14 Assistant Professor of Philosophy (2014-) Moral Particularism, Aquinas, and the Problem of
    University of Mary, Bismarck, ND Context-Dependence:  A Formal Solution to a
      Material Puzzle (Hibbs and Davis)
Kraig Martin August-14 Assistant Professor Philosophy (2014-) Closure of Inquiry: A Non-Reductive Account
    Harding University, Searcy, AR (Kvanvig)
William (Scott) Cleveland August-14 Post-Doc Philosophy and Theology of Intellectual Humility project Courageous Activity and the Virtue of Courage
    project at Saint Louis University (2014-2015) (Roberts)
Ross Parker August-14 Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Charleston Southern University, SC The Argument from Divine Hiddenness: An