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Complete List of Publications


Pocket Dictionary of Philosophy of Religion and Apologetics (Downers Grove, Illinois: InterVarsity Press, 2002). Translated and published in Portugese by Editora Vida, 2003.

Faith Beyond Reason (Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 1998; and Grand Rapids, Michigan: Wm. B. Eerdmans, 1998)

The Historical Christ and the Jesus of Faith: The Incarnational Narrative as History (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1996)

Why Believe: Reason and Mystery as Pointers to God (Grand Rapids: Wm. B. Eerdmans, 1996). A revised version of The Quest for Faith: Reason and Mystery As Pointers to God (InterVarsity Press, 1986). Chinese edition of Why Believe translated by Daniel Kwok-Tung Cheung (Hong Kong: FES Press, 2002).

Passionate Reason: Making Sense of Kierkegaard's Philosophical Fragments (Indiana University Press, 1992)

Christian Perspectives on Religious Knowledge, edited, with Merold Westphal (Wm. B. Eerdmans, 1993)

Kierkegaard's Fragments and Postscript: The Religious Philosophy of Johannes Climacus (Humanities Press, 1983; reprinted by Humanity Books, an imprint of Prometheus Books, 1999)

Foundations of Kierkegaard's Vision of Community: Religion, Ethics, and Politics in Kierkegaard, edited with George Connell (Humanities Press, 1992)

Subjectivity and Religious Belief: An Historical, Critical Study (Eerdmans, 1978)

Philosophy of Religion: Thinking About Faith (InterVarsity Press, 1985). Spanish translation: Filosofía de la Religion (Editorial Mundo Hispano, 1990)

Soren Kierkegaard's Christian Psychology, Zondervan, 1990.

Wisdom and Humanness in Psychology, (Baker Books, 1989)

Preserving the Person: A Look at the Human Sciences (InterVarsity Press, 1977; Baker Reprint, 1982)

Existentialism: The Philosophy of Despair and the Quest for Hope (Zondervan, 1984; reprinted Probe Books, 1989). A revised edition of Despair: A Moment or a Way of Life? (InterVarsity Press, 1971)

General Editor, Contours of Christian Philosophy series, InterVarsity Press. volume I, Epistemology, by David Wolfe (1982). Volume II, Metaphysics, by William Hasker (1983). Volume III, Ethics, by Arthur Holmes (1984). Volume IV, Philosophy of Religion by C. Stephen Evans (1985). Volume VI, Philosophy of Education, by Michael Peterson (1986). Volume VII, The Concept of God, by Thomas Morris (1991).

Translator (along with Jan E. Evans) of Kierkegaard's Works of Love: Christian Ethics and the Maieutic Ideal, by Paul Müller (C. A. Reitzel's, Copenhagen: 1993)


"Reason and the Paradox," in Soren Kierkegaard: Critical Assessments of Leading Philosophers, Volume II, Epistemology and Psychology ed. by Daniel W. Conway (London: Routledge, 2002). Taken from my book Passionate Reason.

"The Vocation of the Christian Scholar-Teacher," forthcoming in Faithful Learning and the Christian Scholarly Vocation, ed. Douglas V. Henry and Bob R. Agee (Eerdmans)

"The Social Character of the Self: Psychological and Theological Perspectives," forthcoming in Human Nature, Motivation and Change: Judeo-Christian Perspectives on Psychology, eds. William R. Miller and Harold D. Delaney (American Psychological Association Publications)

"Faith and Revelation," forthcoming in The Oxford Handbook of Philosophy of Religion, ed. by William J. Wainwright

"The Self-Emptying of Love: A Defense of Kenotic Christology," in The Incarnation, ed. Stephen Davis, Daniel Kendall, S.J., and Gerald O'Collins, S.J., (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2002)

"Plato Was Right All Along," a review article focusing on Robert Adams, Finite and Infinite Goods, in Books and Culture (7,1; July/August 2001)

"Can We Be Good Without God? Kierkegaard and the Foundations of Morality," published electronically in online version of Books and Culture, July 7, 2000.

"Interview with Eugene Rivers: The View From the Street," with Gail Heffner, in Books and Culture (May/June 2000).

"Methodological Naturalism in Historical Biblical Scholarship," in Jesus and the Restoration of Israel: A Critical Assessment of N. T. Wright's Jesus and the Victory of God, ed. Carey C. Newman (Downers Grove, Illinois: InterVarsity Press, 1999)

"Soren Kierkegaard" in The Blackwell Guide to the Modern Philosophers: From Descartes to Nietzsche, ed. Steven Emmanuel (Oxford: Blackwell Publishers, 2001)

"The History of History," in Books and Culture (May/June 1999).

"A Kierkegaardian View of the Foundations of Morality," in Christian Theism and Moral Philosophy, ed. by Michael Beaty, Carlton Fisher, and Mark Nelson (Macon, Georgia: Mercer University Press, 1998).

"Kierkegaard on Religious Authority: The Problem of the Criterion," in Faith and Philosophy (17,1; January 2000, pp. 48-67)

"Authority and Transcendence in Works of Love," in The Kierkegaard Studies Yearbook 1998 (Berlin and New York: Walter de Gruyter, 1998)

"Do Robots Have Free Will?" in Books and Culture (4,4; July/August 1998)

"Soren Kierkegaard's Fear and Trembling," in Invitation to the Classics, ed. Louise Cowan and Os Guinness (Grand Rapids, Michigan: Baker Books, 1998)

"Who is the Other in The Sickness Unto Death? God and Human Relations in the Constitution of the Self," in The Kierkegaard Studies Yearbook 1997 (Berlin and New York: Walter de Gruyter, 1997)

"Trusting the Resurrection Story," in The Banner, March 24, 1997, pp. 12-15.

"Christian Counseling as Aid to Character Formation," in Psyche and Faith: Beyond Professionalism, eds. Peter J. Verhagen and Gerrit Glass (Zoetermeer, the Netherlands: Uitgeverij Boekencentrum, 1996)

"On Taking God Seriously," in God, Philosophy and Academic Culture, ed. William J. Wainwright (Atlanta: Scholars Press, 1996)

"Can the New Jesus Save Us?" Books and Culture (I,2; November/December 1995)

"Realism and Anti-Realism in Kierkegaard's Concluding Unscientific Postscript," in The Cambridge Companion to Kierkegaard, ed. Alastair Hannay and Gordon Marino (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1997). (Abstract published in Proceedings of the American Philosophical Association 69, 1). Reprinted in Kierkegaard: Critical Assessments, ed. Daniel W. Conway (Routledge, forthcoming).

"Existentialist Theology," in the Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy (London and New York: Routledge, 1998).

"Moral Arguments for God's Existence," in A Companion to Philosophy of Religion (Oxford: Blackwell's, 1997)

Articles on "Kierkegaard" and "angst" for Cambridge Dictionary of Philosophy (Cambridge University Press, 1995)

"Human Persons as Substantial Achievers," Philosophia Reformata 58 (1993), 1-13

"Critical Historical Judgment and Biblical Faith," Faith and Philosophy (11:2; April 1994; pp. 184-206). Reprinted in History and the Historian, ed. by Ronald Wells (Grand Rapids, Michigan: Wm. B. Eerdmans, 1998)

"The Incarnational Narrative as Myth and History," The Christian Scholars Review (23; 4: June, 1994)

"Evidentialist and Non-Evidentialist Accounts of Historical Religious Knowledge," International Journal for Philosophy of Religion (35: pp. 153-182, 1994)

"Empiricism, Rationalism, and The Possibility of Religious Historical Knowledge," in Christian Perspectives on Religious Knowledge, ed. by C. Stephen Evans and Merold Westphal (Grand Rapids, Michigan: Wm. B. Eerdmans, 1993)

Apologetical Arguments in Kierkegaard's Philosophical Fragments," in International Kierkegaard Commentary volume on Philosophical Fragments (Macon, Georgia: Mercer University Press, 1994)

"Developing Wisdom in Christian Psychologists," Journal of Psychology and Theology (20, 2: 1992), pp. 110-118

"Faith as the Telos of Morality: A Reading of Fear and Trembling," in International Kierkegaard Commentary series volume on Fear and Trembling and Repetition (Macon, Georgia: Mercer University Press, 1993)

"A Response to Creel's Review," in Behavior and Philosophy (19, 1: 1991), an invited response to a review of my book Wisdom and Humanness in Psychology.

"The Mystery of Persons and Belief in God," Truth: A Journal of Modern Thought (IV, Fall: 1990)

"The Relevance of Historical Evidence for Christian Faith: A Critique of a Kierkegaardian View," Faith and Philosophy (7, 4: 1990). Reprinted in Philosophy of Religion: An Anthology of Contemporary Views, ed. Melville Y. Stewart (Boston: Jones and Bartlett Publishers, 1996)

"A Privileged Calling," in Storying Ourselves: A Narrative Perspective on Christians in Psychology, ed. John Lee (Baker Books, 1993)

"Is Kierkegaard an Irrationalist? Reason, Paradox and Faith," Religious Studies (25, 3; 1989)

"The Epistemological Significance of Transformative Religious Experience," Faith and Philosophy (8, 2: 1991)

"Kierkegaard's View of the Unconscious," in Kierkegaard: Poet of Existence, edited by Birgit Bertung (C.A. Reitzel: Copenhagen, 1989); reprinted in Kierkegaard in Post/Modernity (Indiana University Press, 1995), and in in Soren Kierkegaard: Critical Assessments of Leading Philosophers, Volume II, Epistemology and Psychology ed. by Daniel W. Conway (London: Routledge, 2002).

"Does Kierkegaard Think Beliefs Can Be Directly Willed," The International Journal for Philosophy of Religion, (26, pp. 173-284, 1989)

"Must Sociology Presuppose Determinism?" in The Sociological Perspective: A Value-Committed Introduction, edited by Michael R. Leming, Raymond G. DeVries, and Brendan F.J. Furnish (Zondervan, 1989)

"Where There's a Will, There's a Way: Kierkegaard's Theory of Action," in Writing the Politics of Difference, edited by Hugh J. Silverman (SUNY Press, 1991). Volume XIV in the Selected Studies in Phenomenology and Existential Philosophy series

Albert Ellis's Conception of Rationality: How Reasonable is R.E.T.?" Review of Existential Psychology and Psychiatry (XIX, 2 and 3), with a response by Albert Ellis and a rejoinder to Ellis

"Kierkegaard and Plantinga on Belief in God: Subjectivity as the Ground of Properly Basic Beliefs," Faith and Philosophy (V, 1), 1988

"Kierkegaard's View of Humor: Must Christians Always Be Solemn," Faith and Philosophy (IV, 2), 1987

"Unity and Multiplicity in Hypnosis, Commisurotomy, and Multiple Personality Disorder," The Journal of Mind and Behavior (V, 4), 1984. Co-authored with David Benner

"Must Psychoanalysis Embrace Determinism? Or Can a Psychoanalyst Be a Libertarian?" Psychoanalysis and Contemporary Thought (VII, 3), 1984

"Behaviorism as Existentialism: Ryle and Merleau-Ponty on the Mind," Journal of the British Society for Phenomenology (XIV, 1)

"Separable Souls: A Defense of Minimal Dualism," Southern Journal of Philosophy (XIX, 3)

"Reductionism as Absentmindedness: Existentialism and Phenomenology as Strategies for Defending Personhood," Man and World (XIV)

"Mis-using Religious Language: Something about Kierkegaard and The Myth of God Incarnate," Religious Studies (XV). Translated into Japanese by Mime Morita and published in Religion and Ethics: The Problem of Language and Existence in Kierkegaard, ed. by Kinya Masugata.

"Kierkegaard on Subjective Truth: Is God an Ethical Fiction?" International Journal for Philosophy of Religion (VII, 1)

"Is the Concept of An Absolute Duty Toward God Morally Unintelligible?" in Kierkegaard's Fear and Trembling: Critical Appraisals, edited by Robert Perkins (University, Alabama: University of Alabama Press, 1981

"Kierkegaard's Attack on Apologetics," Christian Scholar's Review (X, 4)

"Redeemed Man: The Vision Which Gave Rise to Marxism," Christian Scholar's Review (XIII, 2)

"The Concept of the Self as the Key to Integration," Journal of Psychology and Christianity (III, 2)

"The Self in Contemporary Psychology," in Readings in the Christian Faith and the Discipline of Psychology, edited by Stanton Jones (Grand Rapids, Michigan: Baker Books, 1986)

"Healing Old Wounds and Recovering Old Insights: Towards a Christian View of the Person for Today," in Christian Theology in the Modern World: Faith and Practice from an Evangelical Point of View, ed. by Mark Noll and David Wells (Eerdmans, 1988)

"Salvation, Sin, and Human Freedom: A Kierkegaardian View," in The Grace of God, The Will of Man, ed. by Clark Pinnock (Grand Rapids, Michigan: Zondervan, 1989)

"Christian Perspectives on the Sciences of Man," Christian Scholar's Review (VI, 2 and 3)

"Verstehen as Requiring Value-Commitment: A Response to Perkins," Christian Scholar's Review (XVI, 2)

"The Blessings of Mental Anguish," Christianity Today, January 17, 1986

"Kierkegaard: A Misunderstood Reformer," Christianity Today, September 21, 1984

Article on "Kierkegaard" for Dictionary of Christian Ethics and Pastoral Theology (Downers Grove, Illinois: InterVarsity Press, 1995)

Article on "Kierkegaard," for Great Leaders of the Christian Church, edited by John Woodbridge (Chicago: Moody Press, 1988)

Articles on Kierkegaard, Personhood, Empiricism, Descartes, Aristotle, Plato, Self, and Artificial Intelligence for Baker Encyclopedia of Psychology (Baker, 1985). Article on Personhood reprinted in Religion and Psychology (Grand Rapids, Michigan: Baker, 1988)

Articles on "Personhood" and "Mind," in Dictionary of Pastoral Care and Counseling, edited by Rodney J. Hunter (Nashville: Abingdon, 1990)

Books Reviewed

Mark Dooley, The Politics of Exodus: Kierkegaard's Ethics of Responsibility, in International Philosophical Quarterly

Eric L. Johnson and Stanton L. Jones, ed., Psychology and Christianity: Four Views, Contemporary Psychology: The APA Review of Books (47,4: August 2002).

Merold Westphal, Becoming a Self: A Reading of Kierkegaard's "Concluding Unscientific Postscript", International Philosophical Quarterly (XXXIX,1; March 1999)

David J. Gouwens, Kierkegaard as Religious Thinker, in Christian Scholar's Review (26, 3: 348-449)

William J. Wainwright, Reason and the Heart: A Prolegomenon to a Critique of Passional Reason, in Cross Currents (46, 4; 567-569)

Anthony Rudd, Kierkegaard and the Limits of the Ethical, in The Philosophical Review (104, 4; 592-594)

William Lad Sessions, The Concept of Faith: A Philosophical Investigation (The Philosophical Quarterly) (17, 188; 408-410)

Roger Poole, Kierkegaard: The Indirect Communication, Religious Studies (30, pp. 531-532; 1994)

Katharine M. Ramsland, Engaging the Immediate: Applying Kierkegaard's Theory of Indirect Communication to the Practice of Psychotherapy, in the Soren Kierkegaard Newsletter (22, Nov. 1990)

Louis Pojman, Religious belief and the Will, in International Journal for Philosophy of Religion (XXVIII, pp. 47-51, 1990)

John Cooper, Body, Soul, and Life Everlasting, in The Reformed Journal (XXXX, 7, September 1990)

Merold Westphal, Kierkegaard's Critique of Reason and Society, in Christian Scholar's Review (XVIII, 4)

Louis Mackey, Points of View, in Canadian Philosophical Reviews (VII, 9)

Robert Roberts, Faith, Reason, and History: Rethinking Kierkegaard's Philosophical Fragments, in Faith and Philosophy (V, 3)

Leroy Rouner, ed., Knowing Religiously, in International Journal for Philosophy of Religion (XXIII)

Stephen Dunning, Kierkegaard's Dialectic of Inwardness: A Structural Analysis of the Theory of Stages, in Faith and Philosophy (V, 1)

Jeremy Walker, The Descent Into God, in Christian Scholar's Review (XV, 3)

Merold Westphal, God, Guilt, and Death, in The Reformed Journal (XXXV, 3)

Louis Pojman, The Logic of Subjectivity: Kierkegaard's Philosophy of Religion, in Christian Scholar's Review (XIV, 3)

Gary Gutting, Religious Belief and Religious Skepticism and Kai Nielsen, An Introduction to the Philosophy of Religion, in Christian Scholar's Review (XIII, 2)

Mark C. Taylor, Deconstructing Theology, in International Studies in Philosophy (XIX, 1987)

John Douglas Mullen, Kierkegaard's Philosophy: Self-Deception and Cowardice in the Present Age, in Christian Scholar's Review (XI, 3)

John Elrod, Kierkegaard and Christendom, in Christian Scholar's Review (XI, 4)

Mark Taylor, Kierkegaard's Pseudonymous Authorship, and John Elrod, Being and Existence in Kierkegaard's Pseudonymous Authorship, in Christian Scholar's Review (VII, 4)

E. D. Klemke, Studies in the Philosophy of Kierkegaard, in Christian Scholar's Review (IV, 2)

Harvey Cox, Turning East, in Eternity (May, 1978)

Brita K. Stendahl, Soren Kierkegaard, in International Journal for Philosophy of Religion (XII, 4)

Robert Roberts, Rudolph Bultmann's Theology, in Christian Scholar's Review (IX, 1) and International Journal for Philosophy of Religion (XII, 3)

Peter Berger, The Heretical Imperative, in The Reformed Journal (May, 1980)

Oral Presentations

Lectures or Papers Read

"Biblical Narratives as History: Biblical Persons as Objects of Historical Faith," invited plenary address at International Conference on Psychiatry and Religion ("Psychological Aspects of Biblical Concepts and Persons") at the Free University of Amsterdam, March 4-6, 2002, sponsored by the Dutch Foundation for Psychiatry and Religion.

"Quinn on Whether Love Can Be Commanded," read at Symposium on "Philip Quinn on Kierkegaard's Ethics," at Eastern Division of the American Philosophical Association, Atlanta, Georgia, December 28, 2001. Session jointly sponsored by the Kierkegaard Society and the Society of Christian Philosophers.

"Externalist Epistemology, Subjectivity, and Christian Knowledge: Plantinga and Kierkegaard," invited paper read at 75th Anniversary Symposium at Sankt-Georgen Hochschule (Jesuit Graduate School of Theology and Philosophy) Frankfurt, Germany, October 19, 2001.

"Embodied Souls: Rethinking the Mind-Body Problem," paper read at the conference on "Christian Scholarship: For What?" at Calvin College, September 29, 2001. Session sponsored by the Council of Christian Scholarly Societies

"Persons as Substances and as Relational Achievements: Kierkegaard on the Self," public lecture given at Whitworth College, July 23, 2001, as part of a seminar on "Human Nature."

"The Self-Emptying of Love: Towards a Kenotic Christology," lecture given at Yale Divinity School, March 1, 2001

"Metaphysics in a Pragmatic Vein," lecture given to Yale Philosophy Department Colloquium, March 1, 2001

"Kierkegaard's Humanistic Divine Command Theory of Moral Obligation," invited plenary address, International Kierkegaard Conference sponsored by the Kierkegaard Society of the U.K., University of Leeds, England, July 6, 2001. Paper also delivered as a plenary address at the Society of Christian Philosophers Pacific Regional Meeting at Westmont College, April 5-7, 2001, and at Loyola Marymount University, April 20, 2001.

"What is Kierkegaard's Fear and Trembling Actually About?" paper read at the University of San Diego, February 9, 2001, and at Biola University, March 13, 2001.

Three Lectures on "Christian Scholarship" and one on "Kierkegaard as a Model of Christian Thinking," Main Speaker, Faculty Workshop, Northwestern College, St. Paul, Minnesota, August 21-22, 2000

"Can Love Be Commanded? Kierkegaard's Ethic of Love as Duty," lecture given to fulfill appointment as Scholar in Residence at Westmont College, Nov. 9, 2000

"Kierkegaard's Relational View of the Self," Plenary Address given at "Search for Meaning Conference" sponsored by Trinity Western University in Vancouver, British Columbia, July 16, 2000.

"Self-Giving Love: A Kenotic Account of the Incarnation," paper read at the "Incarnation Summit" at St. Joseph's Seminary in Dunwoodie, New York, April 23-26, 2000.

Three Lectures at the University of New Mexico, January 27-28, 2000, as a Visiting Speaker sponsored by the John Templeton Foundation. Talks included "God as the Foundation of the Self" (to the Honors Program), "Faith-Commitments and Scientific Psychology" (to faculty and graduate students in the Department of Psychology) and "Kierkegaard's Relational View of the Self" (to the Philosophy Department).

"Kierkegaard and Feminism," invited talk at symposium sponsored by the Kierkegaard Society of North America at the Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Religion, Boston, October 19, 1999.

"What Kind of Reality is a Human Person: A Sketch of a Religious Interpretation," paper read at Fifth Symposium of Sino-American Philosophy and Religious Studies, Peking University, October 19, 1999. (As President of the Society of Christian Philosophers, I led a delegation of 8 U.S. philosophers at this conference.)

Invited lecture at Harvard Divinity School, October 4, 1999, on "Kierkegaard's Divine Command Ethic".

Invited lectures (3) on "Kierkegaard and the Prospects for Christian Philosophy," at Lincoln Christian College in Lincoln, Illinois, September 17-18, 1999.

H. I. Hester Lectures, given at the annual meeting of the Association of Southern Baptist Colleges and Schools, held at Baylor University, June 6-8, 1999. Three lectures were as follows: "The Calling of the Christian Scholar," "The Christian Scholar and the Biblical Drama," and "The Situation of the Christian Scholar in a Postmodern Academy."

"The Hermeneutical Dimension of Empirical Research on Faith and Mental Health," invited address given at the Wheaton Theology Conference on "Healing, Health, and Spirituality," April 8, 1999.

"The Voice of the Christian Scholar in a Postmodern World," Keynote address given at Wheaton College Student Academic Conference, March 25, 1999, at Wheaton College, Wheaton, Illinois.

Carleton-Willson Lecturer, McMurry University, Abilene, Texas. Two talks presented October 8, 1998: "The Vocation of the Christian Scholar-Teacher" and "The Voice of the Christian Scholar in the Postmodern Academic Conversation."

"Types of Christian Scholarship," talk presented at the "Five Models of Christian Higher Education" Conference sponsored by the Lilly Endowment at the University of Notre Dame, June 12-14, 1998

"Christian Belief in a Postmodern Age," six-part seminar presented at the Cornerstone Festival, June 30-July 4, 1999, Bushnell, Illinois

"Kierkegaard and Postmodernism," Six part seminar presented at the Cornerstone Festival, July 2-4, 1998, Bushnell, Illinois.

"The Christian Scholar and the Christian University," two-day seminar presented to new permanent faculty at Baylor University, August 17-18, 1998. Repeated August 16-17, 1999.

"Kant and Kierkegaard on the Possibility of Metaphysics," lead paper at the Claremont Conference on the Philosophy of Religion, held at Claremont University, February 5, 1998

"The Vocation of the Christian Scholar and Its Value for Teaching," plenary invited address at the Lilly Regional Conference, St. Mary's University, San Antonio, Texas, March 28, 1998

"The Concept of Authority in Soren Kierkegaard," paper read at Kierkegaard Conference at St. Olaf College, June 7, 1997

"The Concept of Authority in Kierkegaard's Works of Love," paper read at Research Conference sponsored by the Kierkegaard Research Centre at the University of Copenhagen, August 8, 1997

"Is the Historians' Jesus Historical?" Public lecture delivered at the following occasions:
Yale University, March 27, 1997. Invited by the Rivendell Study Center.
Erasmus Lecture, January 28, 1999, Westmont College (Santa Barbara, CA)
Carl Henry Lecture, March 19, 1999, Northwestern University (sponsored by
Institute for Advanced Christian Studies)
Calvin Theological Seminary, January 14, 1999

"A Kierkegaardian View of the Foundations of Morality," read at the Wheaton College Philosophy Conference, Nov. 1, 1996

"Kierkegaard's Relational Anthropology," invited paper read at "Kierkegaard Days in Copenhagen" conference on "The Meaning of Meaning It," May 7, 1996, at the University of Copenhagen

"Kierkegaard on Realism and Anti-Realism," invited Symposium paper read at Eastern Division of the American Philosophical Association, New York, December 28, 1995

"Emotions, Reason, and the Intellectual Virtues," paper read at the annual meeting of the American Academy of Religion, philosophy of religion section, Philadelphia, November 19, 1995

"The Complementary Character of Evidentialist and Non-Evidentialist Accounts of Historical Religious Knowledge," paper read at Joseph Butler Society, Oriel College, Oxford, November 15, 1993

"Kierkegaard and C. S. Lewis on Regarding the Incarnation as Myth," address to the C. S. Lewis Society, Oxford, February 8, 1994

"Kierkegaard's Rejection of the Incarnational Narrative as Mythical," invited address at annual Kierkegaard dinner, the Danish Church in London, November 11, 1993

"The Single-Minded Christian Scholar," invited address at dedication ceremony for new doctoral program in clinical psychology at Wheaton College, October 15, 1993

"Evidence and Grounds for the Historicity of the Incarnational Narrative," keynote lectures at Wheaton College Philosophy Conference, October 28-29, 1993

"Kierkegaard as a Political Thinker," invited lecture to the faculty at Knox College, Galesburg, Ill., May 17, 1993

"On Taking Irony Seriously But Not Absolutely," paper read at Kierkegaard Society Meeting in conjunction with APA Central Division meeting in Chicago, April 22, 1993. Session as a whole dealt with "Recent Work on Philosophical Fragments" and one of the books discussed was my own Passionate Reason

"Evidentialist and Non-evidentialist Accounts of Historical Religious Knowledge," paper read at the philosophy of religion colloquium at the University of Notre Dame, October 26, 1992

"Counselling and Character Formation," Pacesetter Address to the Theoretical Issues Track at the Second International Congress on Christian Counselling, Atlanta, Georgia, November 13, 1992. This paper was also delivered as one of the keynote addresses at the conference "Psyche and Faith 1994: Beyond Professionalism," sponsored by the Christian Association for Psychiatry, Psychology, and Psychotherapy in the Netherlands, June 16-18, 1994.

Ronald Nelson Scholar in Residence, Northwestern College, Orange City, Iowa, September 21-22, 1992. Public lecture on "Why History Matters to Christians," two chapel addresses, and various other talks.

"The Incarnational Narrative as History and Myth," invited paper read at Pew Colloquium on Christianity and Contemporary Culture, Winter Colorado, June 13, 1992. Also read at the Society of Christian Philosophers Mountain States Regional Meeting (invited plenary address) and Southeastern Regional Meeting of the SCP.

"Transformative Religious Experiences," paper read at a colloquium at the University of Iowa, sponsored by the Department of Philosophy and School of World Religions, February 22, 1991

Geneva Lectures, sponsored by the Geneva Community, at the University of Iowa, February 22-23, 1991

"Kierkegaard's Critique of Modernity," presentation to the Association of Christians Teaching Sociology, June 6, 1991, at St. Olaf College

Staley Lectures, Grace College, Winona Lake, Indiana, April 24-25, 1991

"Is Personhood an Achievement," lecture given at Gordon College, Wenham, Massachusetts, April 12, 1991, funded by the Visiting Philosophers program of the National Endowment for the Humanities

"Kierkegaard on Faith and History," invited address at the Pacific Regional Meeting of the Society of Christian Philosophers, February 9, 1990

"Anxiety and Original Sin," invited commentator's paper read at Symposium on "Kierkegaard's The Concept of Anxiety, American Philosophical Association Central Division Meeting, New Orleans, April 26, 1990. Abstract published in Nous, Vol. 24, No. 2, April 1990.

"Kierkegaard's View of the Unconscious," invited address at International Kierkegaard Symposium held in Hillerod, Denmark, June, 1988

"Is Kierkegaard an Irrationalist?" read at Kierkegaard Conference at the University of San Diego, February 10, 1989. Also read at Emory University Philosophy Colloquium, October 20, 1988, at the University of Georgia Philosophy Colloquium, November 9, 1988, and as an invited lecture at Baylor University, February 23, 1989.

"Developing Wisdom in Christian Psychologists," invited address given at the Wheaton College Conference on Christianity and Psychology, October 26, and also at the Rech Conference on Christianity and Psychology at the Hilton Hotel in Lisle, Illinois, October 26, 1990

"Religious Faith and Humanistic Methodology in Psychology," presented at the Center for Research in Faith and Moral Development, Emory University, November 17, 1988

John G. Finch Lectures on Psychology and Religion, given at the Graduate School of Psychology at Fuller Theological Seminary, Pasadena, January 20-22, 1988. Theme: "Taking Meaning, Values, and Freedom Seriously in Psychology"

"Kierkegaard and Reformed Epistemology," Kierkegaard Society Meeting at Central division A.P.A., Chicago, April 30, 1987

"Kierkegaard's Theory of Action," invited lecture at Calvin College, October 22, 1986

"Theistic Arguments as Articulated Natural Signs," invited lecture at Calvin Seminary, October 23, 1986

"Where There's a Will There's A Way: Kierkegaard's Concept of the Leap," invited symposium paper at Society for Phenomenology and Existential Philosophy meeting, at Toronto, October 15-18, 1986. Also read at Kierkegaard Society at Central Division A.P.A., Cincinnati, 1988

"Persons as Substantial Achievers," featured paper at International Symposium "On Being Human" sponsored by the Association for Calvinist Philosophy, in Zeist, the Netherlands, August 12, 1986

"Albert Ellis's Conception of Rationality: How Reasonable Is R.E.T.?" Minnesota Philosophical Society Annual Meeting, November 2, 1985, at the University of Minnesota

"Kierkegaard and Plantinga on Belief in God: Subjectivity as the Ground of Properly Basic Beliefs," conference at St. Olaf College on Kierkegaard, October 2, 1985

"Healing Old Wounds and Recovering Old Insights: Toward a Christian View of the Person for Today," Conference on Christian Theology in a Post-Christian World, sponsored by Institute for Advanced Christian Studies, Wheaton, IL, March 20-22, 1985

"Kierkegaard on Humor," read to the Kierkegaard Society at Eastern Division A.P.A., New York, December 28, 1984

"Brody's Aristotelean Essentialism and Plantinga's Possible Worlds," American Philosophical Association Western Division meeting, Cincinnati, April 26, 1984

"Defending the Person in a Scientific Age," featured address at symposium on Personhood at Loyola University, Chicago, March 29, 1980

"Separable Souls: A Defense of Dualism," William Oliver Martin Memorial Lecture, University of Rhode Island, February 29, 1980

"Minimal Dualism," Kentucky Philosophical Association spring meeting, Wilmore, Kentucky, April 4, 1981

"The Concept of Subjective Understanding Which Underlies Kierkegaard's Theory of Indirect Communication," read at American Philosophical Association Western Division meeting, April 21, 1979

"Kierkegaard's Ethic of Self-Actualization," University of Illinois Philosophy Colloquium, Champaign, IL, September 12, 1979

"The Concept of the Self as the Key to Integration," keynote address at national meeting of the Christian Association for Psychological Studies, April 21, 1983, Chicago

"Redeemed Man: The Vision Which Gave Rise to Marxism," invited address at Symposium on Marxism and Christianity, Wheaton, IL, March 26, 1982

"Taking Freedom Seriously in Psychology," keynote address at the Midwest Convention of the Christian Association for Psychological Studies, Toledo, Ohio, August 19, 1988

"Taking Values Seriously in Psychology," Scandrette Lecture, given at Wheaton College, October 27, 1988

Comments or Responses

Comment on Craig Evans, "Where History Ends and Faith Begins: Reflections on the Historical Jesus," at the American Academy of Religion Annual Meeting, Denver, Colorado, November 18, 2001. Session sponsored by the Society of Christian Philosophers.

Comment on Michael Murray, "Natural Providence," Wheaton College Philosophy Conference, October 29, 2000.

Comment on Jorge Garcia's "Love and Absolutes in Christian Ethics," Philosophy of Religion conference at the University of Notre Dame, March 1990

Comment on Andrew Jeffery, "Panpsychism and Substance Dualism," at the Wheaton College Philosophy Conference, September 21, 1990

Comment on Stephen Rowntree, "The Triumph of the Kierkegaardian Therapeutic," Kierkegaard Society Meeting, Dec. 29, 1989, at the Eastern Division A.P.A., Atlanta, GA.

Comment on William Alston, "The Place of Experience in the Grounds of Religious Belief," conference on "The Future of God," held at Gordon College, Wenham, MA, May 25-27, 1989

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