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Dr. Robert C. Roberts and Ryan West recently published a co-authored paper, “Natural Epistemic Defects and Corrective Virtues,” in Synthese
The paper proposes some ways that intellectual character virtues might help correct a number of natural tendencies to systematic errors in thinking.
Baylor Philosophy Department Welcomes New Distinguished Professor John Haldane!
John Haldane is rightly famous for the breadth and depth of his philosophical work, and for the power of his exposition of central elements of the Catholic Intellectual Tradition. He is equally striking and powerful in his commitment as a Christian educator. His commitment to Christian education informs his pioneering work leading Thomistic seminars that draw students together from many fields, giving both specialists and novice readers of Aquinas alike serious opportunities to explore and engage contemporary philosophical issues alongside Aquinas's work. It informs his exemplary work as a public intellectual, as a voice of clear reason and strong faith in public debates. And it informs his vision for academic work in the Humanities generally. I know of no other scholar whose energies, vision, and talents are better suited than Haldane's to take up the J. Newton Rayzor Sr. Distinguished Chair in Philosophy at Baylor. - Candace Vogler, University of Chicago, Clara E. Stern Professor of Philosophy and Professor

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