Spring 2010

March 4, 2010

The meeting was called to order at 4:00 pm by Dr. Johnson. He welcomed all attendees to the meeting.

Dr. Johnson began by providing reports from the standing committees. Some highlights include:

• Initiation Banquet Committee – This committee is working on the spring banquet. Things are going smoothly. Please plan to attend the banquet if possible. It is April 17, 2010 at 6:30 pm in the Barfield Drawing Room. All members and their spouses are invited.

• The Alumni and Honorary Members Committee – Members who would like to honor a colleague, please contact the committee to begin the process; it has been several years since our last honorary or alumni member was named.

• The Albaugh Lecture Committee –Poet Laureate Richard Wilbur will be on campus on March 16, 2010. All arrangements for his travel and stay have been made. His public address will be 7:30 pm in Barfield Drawing Room. He will also be available to students during the afternoon prior to his address. This will take place at Memorial.

• The Robinson Scholarship Committee – This committee is currently requesting the transcripts of outstanding juniors. They are looking for students with a 4.0 GPA and who have a variety of classes. There are 1-3 scholarships available.

• The Nominating Committee – Dr. Hendon addressed the chapter about its needs.

o Historian - Dr. Lorin Matthews has accepted the nomination to be the new historian. After her term, she would move on to be the Vice President.

o Secretary/Treasurer – Dr. Alden Smith accepted the nomination to be the new secretary/treasurer. Dr. Smith will be replacing Dr. Johnson as he is retiring from service after 26 years. The chapter is considering ways to honor Dr. Johnson for his service to the chapter. This may come in the form of a scholarship or an excellence fund.

 A new position of Assistant to the Secretary/Treasurer was discussed; this position would rotate into the Secretary/Treasurer position and provide continuity to the position. The position of Secretary/Treasurer need not be a life-long position; however, a 3-5 year commitment is desirable.

o Jennifer Good moved to accept the two individuals nominated for positions as well as to accept the position of Assistant to the Secretary/Treasurer. The attendees unanimously agreed. Office changes take place at the banquet April 17th.

• The Publicity Committee – the faculty committee has not been active as most of the updates on the website have been handled by the IT specialist in MFL. The new Secretary/Treasurer can decide if he would like someone else to help.

• The Intellectual Activities Committee – This committee is currently judging the Honors Program essays. Usually the committee has 10-12 essays to judge. They will be awarding the Wallace Daniel Prize. The winner will then give a lecture on campus.

• The Members-in-Course Committee – Dr. Good passed out her committee's spreadsheet of the students who are being nominated for membership to PBK.

o There are 5 juniors recommended. The juniors must have 75 Baylor hours and must have 56 hours in the liberal areas as well as a 4.0 GPA.

o There were initially 75 seniors being recommended. That represents 9% of the senior class which is in line with PBK national standards.

 The chapter then discussed where we ought to make the cut off for seniors.

• Last year 80 seniors were accepted with a 3.85 GPA cut off.

• In line with national standards, the committee said they were in favor of generosity.

 After discussion it was unanimously agreed to accept all students on the list. The juniors were also accepted at this time.

o There are 4 PhD students being recommended.

 These students must have attended an undergraduate university without a PBK chapter.

 The 4 graduate students were unanimously accepted.

o Jennifer Good thanked the members of her committee.

o A list of the students being nominated will be sent to the chapter members so that we can verify there is no one on the list that causes a concern. Until alerted that letters of invitation have gone out to the students, please do not reveal any of the names of those elected.

There was no Old Business.

We continued to New Business. Dr. Johnson informed us that the 2010-2011 Visiting Scholars Program information arrived. Previously it was thought that economic challenges would cut this program, but things seem to have improved. 11 Visiting Scholars have been nominated. We are able to have them come to campus at very little cost to us. Dr. Johnson read us the list of nominees. The list, their credentials, and any more information are available at www.pbk.org. Dr. Johnson said he will send this information out to all members. If you are interested in having a scholar come to campus, the request should be made early. We have an improved chance of having one visit as it has been a while since Baylor has had a visiting scholar.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:45 pm.