Using PawPrints D-codes

Using D-Codes is very similar to normal printing. Please read through the following instructions before trying to use your D-Code for the first time.

  1. Prepare your document for printing just like you would do any print job.

  2. Select a D-Code enabled printer. All printers that are D-Code enabled will have _DP at the end of the printer name. (i.e. Moody1stFloor_DP)

  3. Print the job as normal.

  4. Now you must release the print job from the D-Code web release page.
    1. First visit
    2. Click on "Release your D-Code print job".
    3. Enter your BearID and password.
    4. Select the print job and enter your D-code (a combination of Department ID/Student ID).
    5. Click Print.