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INTRODUCTION TO ORAL HISTORY carries you step-by-step through the creation of your oral history project, including selecting your topic, using digital recording equipment, applying the best interviewing techniques, and sharing your oral histories with the public.

GETTING STARTED WITH ORAL HISTORY is an online workshop offered twice a year. The workshop introduces participants from around the world to oral history project planning, interviewing techniques, equipment choices, ethical and legal considerations, and tips for preserving and sharing your interviews.

SHARPENING YOUR SKILLS are online workshops designed to reinvigorate experienced oral historians with new ideas and inspiration for improving their skills.


TRANSCRIBING STYLE GUIDE is a time-proven tool for guiding decisions in creating and editing transcripts of oral history interviews.

THE HEART OF ORAL HISTORY: HOW TO INTERVIEW presents timeless suggestions for facilitating interviews with lasting significance.

ORGANIZING ORAL HISTORY PROJECTS guides you through important matters to consider as you embark on your oral history journey.

THE PAST MEETS THE PRESENT is a full-length book with classic essays on oral history applications.


The Institute for Oral History encourages professional oral history scholarship through training workshops, lectures, and evaluations of interviews or projects. To ask questions about your project or to propose a workshop in your area, contact us.

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