"Oral history captures the past in an authentic yet intimate way, providing researchers precious insight into significant trends, events, and issues by realizing the ways these occurrences were made manifest in an individual life." Stephen Sloan, Director

"You have helped to open up my memory. I would have never thought of any of these kind of things that you're asking had it not been asked. They would have just been quiet, like buried memories, and it's awakening." Alice Caufield, interviewee
Through the available oral history networks, novice and experienced oral historians alike share their passion for oral history. Baylor University has furnished leadership for state, national, and international oral history organizations since 1970.

Welcome to the Institute for Oral History

Through dynamic, recorded interviews, oral history preserves the stories of individuals who helped create the fabric of history and whose lives, in turn, were shaped by the people, places, events, and ideas of their day.

The Institute for Oral History has recorded and preserved oral histories since 1970, earning along the way a strong reputation for multidisciplinary outreach to both academic scholars and community historians by providing professional leadership, educational tools, and research opportunities.

In the News

BUIOH Launches the Texas Liberators of WWII Online Exhibit
Today, BUIOH is proud to announce that all finished materials relating to the Texas Liberators project are now available online via a dedicated exhibit page. On the site you can find descriptions of each liberator followed by a link to their interview record. Contained therein are three major components: the electronic version of the final transcript, the access version of the interview audio, and a further link to an external viewer called OHMS where you can interact with the full interview video.

BUIOH Summer 2015 Recap!
The summer of 2015 was a very productive season for BUIOH this year. Thanks to the hard work of a wonderful group of eight student workers and fruitful partnerships with entities outside the institute we were able to accomplish a great deal during what is normally a quiet, sleepy three months on campus. Here are some of the highlights:

OH! It's Online! - May 2015
Here is the list of interviews uploaded to our online collection database last month. All interviews feature both draft transcripts and audio.

2015 TOHA Annual Conference Recap
The Texas Oral History Association (TOHA) held its fourth annual meeting this past Saturday at the Texas A&M University – Commerce campus in Commerce, TX. Around seventy-five attendees listened to presentations across eight sessions during the one-day conference.

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