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What To Expect

Common Classes

Students in the OA-LLC will take one cohort class per semester. Courses in the past have included Backpacking & Camping, Paddle Sports, Beginning Mountain Biking, Outdoor Certifications, Challenge Course Facilitation and Outdoor Adventure Activities.


Students will begin their year in the OA-LLC with events to welcome them into the program.This will be a great time to meet the staff of the OA-LLC, get familiar with your fellow students and your new surroundings as well as get detailed information about all that the Outdoor Adventure LLC has to offer through optional and required activities.

Weekend Trips

We will take some amazing trips throughout the year! You will have new experiences while learning and developing skills. The experiences will be a great introduction to a variety of outdoor adventure pursuits including caving, climbing, camping, backpacking, and paddling. Not only will you be able to really learn about the outdoors, you will learn a lot about yourself in the process!

Adventure Workshop Series

Once a month we will host a guest specializing in outdoor adventure activities. There will also be exciting and fun interactive lectures, discussions and hands-on demonstrations.

Social Events

And of course we'll have some fun! This will just be scheduled time to hang out, chill, and have a good time with your fellow students. Movies nights, coffee breaks, Christmas parties, disc golf, bouldering and climbing at the ROCK, just to name a few.

Optional Activities

In addition to the required elements of the OA-LLC, there will be many more optional opportunities for you to get more hands-on experiences in the field. We hope you will participate in some or all of these as well. For example: Wilderness First Responder Courses, Fall and Spring Break trips, Bear Climb competition!