Guidelines for Auditions

The audition in your major performance area is the most important factor in determining whether or not you will be accepted as a music major. It will normally last about ten minutes. The audition committee consists of faculty members from your area of concentration. An accompanist is not necessary, although you may wish to bring one.

These guidelines are intended for entering freshmen. Transfer or advanced students should consider these suggestions as minimal expectations.

Brass Strings Woodwinds
Trumpet Violin Flute
Trombone Viola Clarinet
Horn Cello Oboe
Low Brass Bass Bassoon
Harp Saxophone
Organ Percussion
Piano Voice

Theory, Composition, History and Literature, Church Music

Students intending to major in one of these areas must audition in a performance area since all prospective music majors must audition on an applied instrument or voice. Students intending to major in Theory, Composition, or History and Literature should also request an interview with the appropriate faculty. Composition majors should submit representative scores and, when available, tape recordings to the Director of Academic Studies Division at least one week prior to their audition.

Should you have questions about your audition, please contact the appropriate faculty member at (254)710-3571 or via email: Faculty by Department