Bad Religion: How We became a Nation of Heretics, Ross Douthat

"The United States remians a deeply religious country, and most Americans are still drawing some water from the Christian well. But a growing number are inventing their own versions of what Christianity means, abandoning the nuances of traditional theology in favor of religions that stroke their egos and indulge or even celebrate their worst impulses. These faiths speak from many pulpits...and many of their preachers call themselves Christian or claim a Christian warrant. But they are increasingly offering distortions of traditional Christianity, not the real thing" (4).

Kneeling with Giants: Learning to Pray with History's Best Teachers, Gary Neal Hansen

"Prayer is increibly important. St. Benedict, the founder of monasticism in the Western world, thought of prayer as 'the work of God,' a worthy lifetime occupation for countless thousands of monks and nuns. John Calvin taught that prayer was'the chief work of faith,' the essential thing any Christian will do, no matter what else he or she is called to. Other theologians have other ways of emphasizing prayer's importance. The teachers in these chapters may differ in what prayer looks like, but they agree that nothing is more foundational for our life in Christ" (14).

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