Welcome to the Center for Ministry Effectiveness & Educational Leadership

"To strengthen and enable Christian ministers and educators to carry out their callings effectively"

Our History and Mission . . .
In 1996 a 21-member steering committee, composed of leadership from Baylor University, Waco Baptist Association, the Baptist General Convention of Texas, local churches, and other laity recommended
to the Board of Regents that Baylor University create a Center for Ministry Effectiveness with the mission "to strengthen and enable Christian ministers to carry out their callings effectively." The center's primary purposes are to encourage ministers and their families, enhance Christian ministries, promote understanding between ministers and churches, strengthen bonds of staff relationships, and prevent "burnout" from stress overload.

In March 1997 the Board of Regents approved the recommendation of the Steering Committee and appointed Dr. W. Winfred Moore as its director. Upon Dr. Moore's retirement in May 2006, Dr. Donald Schmeltekopf assumed the directorship of the center in June 2006.

The center offices are located on the third floor, Room 306, of Carroll Library at Baylor University.

In 2005, upon the approval of the Baylor administration, the work of the center was broadened under a new name, the Center for Ministry Effectiveness & Educational Leadership. The traditional mission of the center will continue in full, with the expanded responsibilities being partly complimentary and partly new initiatives. Conferences and symposia will be added to the center's activities that address theological questions and contemporary issues in the church for the benefit of laity and clergy alike. New initiatives will involve work with other Baptist colleges and universities in the strengthening of leadership at various levels, from departmental to senior administration. In addition, faculty leadership programs will also be explored. Many of these leadership activities will be developed in cooperation with the Baptist General Convention of Texas.

Upcoming Events
Rudy Sanchez Preaching Conference, San Antonio, TX, March 21-22, 2014

Retired Ministers and Missionaries Luncheon, First Baptist Church, Waco, TX,� March 25, 2014

Annual Bible Study, Calvary Baptist Church, Waco, TX, March 27, 2014

Annual Symposium,"Does the Family Matter? The Crisis of Faith in Church and Culture," Truett Seminary, Baylor University, April 7, 2014

Seminar on Academic Leadership in Baptist Universities, Baylor University, May 18-22,2014

*Call 710-4677 for more information regarding these events.