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Did You Know?

Test Your Knowledge at an Exploration Station

Did you know that the land we now call Texas once had volcanoes and earthquakes? You can find out about these earth-shaking events and much more at one of the museum's four Exploration Stations. These interactive electronic tools combine fun and learning in the Cave, Forest, Mammoth Site and Texas Lifeways exhibits.

While exploring the natural history exhibits, you can play detective, discovering the secret letter for that day at each station. After playing all four games to collect the letters to make a word, report to the Museum Store with the word of the day for a prize.

Pick up interesting tidbits about the region in which we live at the Geology Trivia Game at the Exploration Station in the Texas Cave. Here you'll learn, for example, that the Paisano Volcano is one of the largest in Texas and last erupted some 3.5 million years ago. The Balcones Fault Zone, a name that is familiar to many in this area, runs through Central Texas and has not been active for at least 3 million years. Some Wacaons blame the fault line along Lake Waco for broken pipes, cracked buildings and sidewalks. They are really caused by the shrinking and swelling of the South Bosque shale where it is in contact with the more stable Austin chalk (limestone). Other geology tidbits covered at this exploration station are the Ring of Fire, a path of constant volcanic activity on the earth, and the location of the strongest recorded earthquake in the United States.

Enter the Texas Forest and take a turn learning about animal senses. Replicas of indigenous Piney Woods creatures, among them an owl and a wild turkey, can be seen in the forest. Why does the owl have eyes in front of its head while the turkey has eyes on the side of its head? Play the Animal Senses game to find out. This computer monitor also lets you watch a scorpion hunt his prey as well as see what the forest looks like through the eyes of a deer.

The Animal Senses game answers other questions, such as: How do insects taste their food? Why do cats paw at their prey? How does a bat use sound to locate its prey? Learn all this and more about the fascinating ways animals use their senses to relate to their surroundings from the Natural History Exploration Station.

The Columbian mammoth diorama offers yet another interactive station. Here, the Fossil Hunt Game focuses on paleontology, demonstrating how fossils are formed and what can be learned from these time-worn treasures. See a fossilized tree trunk and a plant imprint that are millions of years old and learn what fossils are found in a forest, a desert, in the mountains and along the coast.

How do scientists unearth fossils? What do scavengers' teeth marks and healed bone fractures tell us about the creature? How do researchers assemble a three-dimensional puzzle from recovered fossils? Discover what scientists learn from what is under the ground and view a slide show of how the cast was made for the world-famous Waco Mammoth Site exhibit.

Finally, take a trip back in time in the Texas Lifeways exhibit where the Archaeology Exploration Game shows how pieces of pottery and bone leave clues for archaeologists to learn more about their origins. Play the "matching pottery" game to piece together broken vessels that tell us many interesting things about the past.

What do cut marks mean on pottery or bones? How do scientists determine what kind of knife would have made the marks? Why is this important to our knowledge of cultures through the ages? This high-tech tour through archaeology gives you insight into the important discoveries here in Central Texas relating to our town's namesake, the Waco Indians.

Take time to visit the Exploration Stations. They open up a new world of information and fun facts for our guests to engage. explore. enjoy.

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