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Engage. Explore. Enjoy.

The Mayborn Museum Complex brings together, in one location, the resources of hands-on discovery rooms and interactive natural science and cultural history galleries, including outdoor exhibits. This rich combination provides a wide spectrum of engaging learning opportunities for learners and visitors of all ages.

Traveling Exhibit

May 28 - September 5, 2016

Infinite combinations and possibilities await you in Imaginate, a hands-on exhibit designed to pique your creativity and challenge your imagination. Create paper airplanes and test your aerial manufacturing skills by sending them down a wind tunnel. Or step on the scale to see what wingspan you'd need to take flight. Become the director of your own stop-motion animated film or invent something new by tinkering with traditional and non-traditional materials.

Designed and built by the Ontario Science Center.

Permanent Exhibits

Explore Waco at the Crossroads

The Mayborn Museum Complex features a natural science and cultural history museum focusing on Central Texas with walk-in dioramas including one on the Waco Mammoth Site, and exploration stations for geology, paleontology, archaeology, and natural history. In addition to the natural history exhibits, there are two floors of themed discovery rooms which encourage hands-on learning for all ages and a historic village located on the banks of the Brazos River.

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Engage. Explore. Enjoy.

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Your generous support is critical for the Mayborn Museum to accomplish its mission to encourage diverse audiences to explore their surroundings and discover their connection to the broader world. Your giving spirit results in additional facilities and exhibit upgrades, and enhances educational resources and services.

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