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Gunther Uhlmann to Give Eighth Annual 'Baylor Lecture Series in Mathematics' Talks

April 21, 2014

Professor Gunther Uhlmann, from the Department of Mathematics at the University of Washington, has agreed to give the eighth annual lectures in the Baylor Lecture Series in Mathematics. He will visit Baylor from October 14-17, 2014.

Dr. Uhlmann is an expert on the subject of ‘cloaking’. Maxwell’s equations allude to the possibility of making certain objects appear invisible. This will be the topic of his public lecture on October 15.

More information on his visit will be forthcoming soon.

Here are the titles of his two talks

Harry Potter’s Cloak – Public Lecture, October 15, 4 pm – 5 pm Room: TBA. (also see the link HarryPotter's Cloak).

Inverse Problems: Seeing the Unseen – Colloquium-style Lecture, October 16, 4 pm – 5pm Room: TBA.