Using Citation Management Software

Zotero and Refworks are powerful tools that not only help you organize the information you gather, but also help you format the citations in your papers correctly. They support a wide variety of citation formats. Ask a librarian about how to get started using Zotero or Refworks.

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Citing Information

Your professor or instructor may tell you to use a particular "style sheet" or "citation format" - the way one (or several) professions agree to format papers and write citations or footnotes to the ideas of others - or you may be told to use whichever one you know.

Some of the most common ones are MLA (Modern Language Association - all languages and literature fields), APA (American Psychological Association - psychology, and usually education), SBL (Society of Biblical Literature - religion and theology) Turabian/Chicago (writing areas, some social science disciplines, and sometimes religion). Many scientific disciplines have individual citation formats as well. If you have an option, try to use the one for your major. The small differences among citation formats can be very confusing, so when you can choose, choose the one you'll use most often.

The Jones Information desk has most of the current citation format manuals for you to consult and the Writing Center's Graduate Students can help you as well. The Libraries also have a web page listing quick guides to the major formats.