Digital Collections

Guthrie Letter
From the Collection of Civil War Letters

The Baylor Libraries collect a wide variety of materials which are in a digital format. Some of these materials are "born digital" (i.e. that is their only format) and many others have been digitized from old, rare, valuable and interesting print, image and audio sources.

Baylor University Library Digital Collections

Among many others, some of the featured collections are:


The Baylor Libraries' online catalogCatalog: a comprehensive list of the books, periodicals, maps, and other materials in a given collection, arranged in systematic order to facilitate retrieval (usually alphabetically by author, title and/or subject). of resources found in the Baylor Libraries, including over 300,000 e-books. See the Finding Books section of this tutorial for more information on and tips for searching BearCat.

E-Journal Collection

A databaseDatabase: a large, regularly updated file of digitized information (bibliographic records, abstracts, full-text documents, directory entries, images, statistics, etc.) related to a specific subject or field, consisting of records of uniform format organized for ease and speed of search and retrieval. of e-journalsElectronic journal: a digital version of a print journal, or a journal-like electronic publication with no print counterpart, made available via the Web, e-mail, or other means of Internet access. available through the Baylor Libraries.

Electronic Resources Directory

A database of proprietary research resources to which the library subscribes. See the Finding Articles section of this tutorial for more information on how to use this database.