Vandervoort (Velma H) Papers, 1951-1953

Velma H. Vandervoort was a member of the Francis Cooke Van Zandt Chapter of the Daughters of the Republic of Texas in Fort Worth. She served as the State President of the Daughters of the Republic of Texas from 1951 to 1953.

The Vandervoort Papers are composed of Daughters of the Republic of Texas correspondence during her service as state president. Vandervoort was responsible for securing Governor Hogg Commemorative Plates during the centennial of his birth in 1951; the plates were three years delayed from the manufacturer in England and became a financial burden to the DRT because they were received too late for a successful sale during the commemorative year. Correspondence includes letters to chapter presidents regarding the proceedings of the organization, and to prospective speakers for the state convention.

Correspondence, Daughters of the Republic of Texas: 1939, 1950, May 1951-December 1951
Correspondence, DRT: 1952
Correspondence, DRT: 1953, n.d.

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