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The following research aids are available to assist you in your research. A finding aid is an index to an archival collection. Please contact the Coordinator for User and Access Services for access to archival materials.

Abercrombie, Louis
Acree, Fred
Adair, Anthony Garland
Ainsworth, Edward Maddin
Ainsworth, Edward McCrea
Albright-Clift Fink
Allen, Gladys
Anderson, Matthew Dawson
Annexation Temperance Society
Anthropology Miscellany
Armstrong, A.J.
Armstrong, Chloe
Aynesworth, Kenneth Hazen

Babb, Bill
Bailey, Roberta Lucille Malone
Baines Family Papers
Banda, Francisco Items
Baptist Missionary Publications: Indians of North America
Barnard-Lane Papers
Barnard, George
Barnard, Upton P.
Barron, Bertie Routh
Bartlett, Drummond Webster
Baylor, Robert Emmett Bledsoe
Baylor-Carrington Family Papers
Baylor Historical Society
Baylor University Records: Adelphian Theological Society
Baylor University Records: Baylor at Independence
Baylor University Records: Baylor Cadets Records
Baylor University Records: Baylor Heritage Club
Baylor University Records: Historical Research Office Records
Baylor University Records: Baylor Historical Society Records
Baylor University Records: O. H. Cooper Papers
Baylor University Records: Philomathesian Literary Society
Baylor University Records: Rufus C. Burleson Society
Baylor University Records: Student Volunteer Band
Beaton, Alexander
Beerman Family
Bell, Fred
Bell, Robert Emmett
Belton and North Eastern Railway Company
Belton Brick Manufacturing Company
Belton First Christian Church
Bigham, Oliver H.
Biles, Raymond E.
Black, James and Patience Crain
Bledsoe, Jules
Block, Isidore and Stanley R.
Bolt Family Homestead and Legion Valley Indian Massacre
Bozeman-Lackland Family
Brann, William Cowper
Brigham S. B. and Company
Bronaugh, John M.
Bronaugh, Robert Lee
Brooks, Samuel Palmer
Brown, Owen
Brown, Vandiver
Bryan First Methodist Church Records
Buck, William C. Jr.
Burkhalter, Frank Elisha
Burleson, Georgia Jenkins
Burleson, Richard Byrd
Burleson, Rufus Columbus
Burress, Muriel Vann
Buck, Carl A. Scrofuline Co.
Bush, Edward G.

Camp MacArthur
Caney Mounted Rifles Records
Cannon, Sadie C.
Carley, William Family
Carroll, Benajah Harvey
Carroll, James Milton
Carter-Harrison Family
Castellaw, Janie Pender
Caufield, Family
Cego German Evangelical Church
Chaplin, Charles and Lucy Exall
Chapman-McCutchan Papers
Clark, Edward and Ann
Cobb, Irene Papers
Coke, Richard
Coleman, John and Virginia Adkins
Coleman, T.
Columbus Ave. Baptist Church
Connally, Thomas Terry
Conner, George and Jeffie
Conger, Ralph Edward
Cotton Research
Cox, William Mills
Crain, Newel Berryman
Crane, Royston C.
Crane, William Carey

Daingerfield, William
Darden, Robert Jr.
Darst, William
De Cordova Family
De La Vega Land Grant Papers
De Zavala, Adina E. Papers
DeLancey, Eleanor McLerran
Dobie, J. Frank Manuscript
Dodson, Thomas L. and Pitt
Du Conge, Oscar and Mary Collection
Dunn, A. W.

Early, Tracy
Edmond, Katherine
[Edcouch] First Baptist Church Records
Ellenberger, Matthew
Embree, A.J
Emmanuel Baptist Church
Esch, Wilhelm
Etter, Hall

Farmers Improvement Society
Fallen, Olga
Farr, Richard L.
Ferguson (Governors James E. and Miriam "Ma") Collection
Foote, Hall
Friend, Kate Harrison
Frazier, Thomas Fulmer, Katherine Lucylle Cope

Gambrell, Herbert
Gard, Wayne
Gatesville House of Correction and Reformatory
Gildersleeve-DuConge Collection
Gillette, Harry
Graves, Henry Lee
Graves-Earle Family
Gregory, Lewis
Greve J.J Papers
Griffin, Marvin C. Papers
Grove, Roxy
Grundy, Robert
Guittard, Francis Gevrier Papers
Gunn Family
Guyler (Lydia Ann English) [Mrs. William]

Haass, Herman E.
Hannah-Wiley Famiy
Harman, William Murdock
Harrell, Jefferson Whitefield
Harrington, John Thomas, Jr.
Hays Family Papers
Henderson, John Nathaniel
Henderson, Roxie
Henry, Isabella M. Papers
Herpin, John B.
Hill, William J. Hattie Green
Hitchcock, Matthew Monroe
Hitler, Adolf
Holder, Nathan B.
Hosack, J.A.H. Co.
Houston, Sam
Huckins, James Family
Hudson, Sulie Marye
Hunter, Robert Hancock
Huston-Tillotson University Records

Independence Baptist Church Records
Independence Historical Society Records
Influenza Epidemic of 1918
Ireland, John

Jaworski, Hannibal "Joe" Lucas
Johnson, Benjamin Judson
Johnson F. Arthur
Johnson, Jesse Breland
Johnson, Robert Lloyd
Jones, Clitus
Jones, Eli Clitus; Lilly Sutton
Jones Family Papers
Jones, Grace Rosanky Putnam
Jones, William

Kendrick, James M.
Kirk, Sylvester and Eliza
Kleman, Harvey and Ono
Kossee City Council

Lane, Roy
Lea, Barton
Lee, Jesse W
Legg Cotton Gin
Leland, Oscar
Lenz, Louis
Litton, Johnson
Lone Star Company
Luper Family Papers
Lusk-Clifton Family Collection
Lyrics to "America" Manuscript

Machen-Loveless Family
Maegden, Joseph
Mann, Thomas Clifton
Mathews, J.W.
Maynard, Elsie and Tilson F.
Mcardle, Henry
McLennan County Courts
McLennan Family Papers
Mcgee, Irwin and Lille
Milam, Ben
Miller, Greaver Lewis
Morgan, Dr. Alex and Fannie
Munroe, Richard Irby
Moore, Thomas Travis
Moore, William
Morrogh, William
Morse, Harry Raymond Jr.

Neff, Pat M.
Neil, John F
Newton, Harry
Ney-Montgomery Papers
Nunn, Annie E

Oldham, Ann
Olsen, Palmer Henry

Pace, Lula Collection
Palestine Tx Church
Parker-Anglin Family
Parker Family/Fort Parker Collection
Parker, Quanah Family
Parks, Isacc Papers
Pence, William
Pendexter family
Perry, Laura L
Pier, Sarah
Pierce, Jesse
Pocock, Nick
Podsednick, Frances

Quanah, Seymour, Dublin and Rockport Railroad Records

Randle, George
Reagan, Pettingrew Family
Rester, Eliza
Reuter, Colonel Chris H. W.
Robert, Joe
Rose, Victor Marion
Ross Family
Rotan, Edward and Kate Sturm McCall Russell, Lily McIlroy

Sabine Baptist Association
Sallee, Annie Jenkins
Scott, Sarah Jane
Settle, Halsey M. Jr.
Simmons-Stoner-Rose Family Papers
Sleeper, John
Slover, James Anderson
Smith, James Warren, Sr.
Smith, R. H.
Smith, Samuel Francis
Smith, William
Smith-Cobb Family
Smith's-Turner's Mississippi Artillery Papers
Society of Southwest Archivists Records
Speight-McKenney Family
Steakley, Zollie Coffer
Stewart, Mamie
Storey, Ava and Dixie Anderson Butcher
Strecker, John Kern

Teal, Gordon Kidd Papers
Texas Convention of 1836
Texas Cotton Palace Records
Thurmond-Tramwell Slave Papers
Tibbets, Melvan
Trantham, Henry
Truett, George W.

Vail-Rogers Papers
Vandervoort, Velma

Waco, Belton and Georgetown Railway Co.
Waco Boating and Fishing Club
Waco Public Library Association
Waco Village Collection
(Waco) Branch Davidians: Amo Paul Bishop Roden Collection
(Waco) Branch Davidians: FBI Letters and Negotiations Transcripts Collection
(Waco) Branch Davidians: Joe Robert Collection
(Waco) Branch Davidians: Kirk D. Lyons Collection
(Waco) Branch Davidians: Mark Swett Collection
(Waco) Branch Davidians: Mount Carmel Seventh Day Adventist Collection
(Waco) Branch Davidians: Robert F. Darden III Collection
(Waco) Branch Davidians: Ron Armstrong Collection
(Waco) Branch Davidians: "The Facts About Mt. Carmel" Exhibit Collection
(Waco) Branch Davidians: William Smith Collection
(Waco) Calvary Baptist Church Records
(Waco) Caritas Records
(Waco) Carl A. Buck Scrofuline Co.
(Waco) Columbus Ave. Baptist Church
(Waco) Community Race Relations Coalition Records
(Waco) Daughters of the American Revolution: Elizabeth Gordon Baradley Chapter Collection
(Waco) Daughters of the American Revolution: Henry Downs Chapter Collection
(Waco) Evangelia Settlement Records
(Waco) First Baptist Church Collection
(Waco) Historic Waco Foundation Records
(Waco) Lone Star Company
(Waco) Memorial Baptist Church Collection
(Waco) New Hope Baptist Church
(Waco) United Confederate Veterans: Pat Cleburne Camp Collection
(Waco) United Daughters of the Confederacy: Mary West Chapter Collection
Waddell, John, B.
Walker, Wolfe W.
Wallace, David Richard
Watkins, Dr. William Benjamin Worth
Wecter, Dixon
Wellborn, Charles Papers
White, Michael Allen
White, WIlliam
Wichita Falls Synphony Orchestra Records
Wilcox, Frank L.
Wilkes, William Orville
Winchester Family
Womack, Harry Hall, Jr.
Wood, Neil

The Texas Collection