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Jack White Correspondence – JFK Related

Borrowed and Copied, January 2007-March 2009



Wadley, Kathy

·   Corr. to TCI, re.: criticism


Ward, Andrew R.

·       Corr. re Zapruder film, Moorman photo

·       Corr. re research by Groden, Mack, and White

·       Corr. re Dave Perry, speculations about possible identity of Dealey Plaza suspects

·       Thank-you card

·       Corr. re meeting Jack White

·       Christmas card

·       Copy of letter from Jack White's article

Jul. 1992 ≈ Dec. 1993

Wassell, John

·       Corr. with Jack White

July 28, 1995 – June  28, 1997

Weber, Stan

·       Corr. to Jack White

·       "More on Stephen Landesberg"

May 14, 1997 ≈ July 1998

Wecht, Cyril H.

·       Corr. re "The Rather Narrative"

·       Corr. re ad hominem attack of Dr. Wecht by Dr. Roger Metcalf

·       "Connally's Bullet Fragments: Critical Evidence in the JFK Assassination" by Cyril Wecht and Roger B. Feinman, submitted to Ft. Worth Star Telegram and New York Times

·       Corr. between Dr. Wecht and Dr. Metcalf

·       Corr. between Dr. Wecht and Jack White re more than one LHO

·       Corr. re COPA Advisory Board

·       Corr. re death of Jack White's mother

·       Corr. re Jack White's research/slides, prep for meeting in Dallas

·       More Questions About Foster's 'Suicide' by Christopher Ruddy

·       Wecht: No Role in Probe into White House Counsel's Death

·       Corr. with Jack White on Vince Foster

·       Thank you letter to Jack White

·       Corr. between Roger Metcalf and Jack White re article by Wecht.

·       Article by David W. Belin re criticism of Warren Commission by Wecht

·       Corr. to Jack White re.: Herb MacDonells' comments

·        Order form for Assassination Science

·       Comments on "Single Bullet" theory

·       Letter to New Board and supporters of the coalition

·       Corr. with Jack White re; Lancer

·       Delivery sheet to Jack White

·       Letters from the Office of the coroner County of Allegheny

·       Corr with Jack

Nov. 1988 ≈ May 30, 1999

Weeber, Stan

·       Corr. to Jack White

·       "More on Stephen Landesberg"

May 14, 1997 ≈ July 1998

Weisberg, Harold

·       "Prober Still Seeking Answers in Assassination of JFK" – Art. in Baltimore Evening Sun

·       "I'm convinced there was a conspiracy & cover-up" – Art. in Globe

·       Corr. with George Michael Evica re alleged misunderstanding between Marrs, White, and Weisberg

·       Driving Directions to residence

·       Corr with Jack White re: Job conditions and applicants

Nov. 1981 ≈ Aug. 1993

Weissman,  Bernard

·   Art.: Rightists' Blame in Killing Denied

·   Critic of Kennedy Had Protest Role by R.W. Apple, Jr.

Dec. 8, 1963

White, Jack – Addresses

·       Business Cards

·       Notes with addresses

·       Envelopes

1985 ≈ 2000

White, Jack – Business Notes

·       Business Corr.

·       Speaking Itineraries

·       Invitations

·       Memos

Sep. 1992 ≈ Nov. 1999

White, Jack – Business Scraps

·       Notepad

·       Research notes

·       Names, video interest list

·       Travel receipts, esp. for consultation at House Select Committee on Assassinations

·       Postcards for video requests

·       Fed-Ex Receipts

·       Business Cards

·       Fax Cover Sheet

·       Invoice and Receipts

·       Note scraps

1985 ≈ 2000

White, Jack – Corr.

·       Cards, Christmas & Thank-you (13)

·       Corr. re future film projects, American release of "The Men Who Killed Kennedy"

·       Corr. w/Dept. of Justice re alleged Civil Rights violation done to Jack White

·       Corr. re Arts. by Jack White

·       News Art. and note from Patsy (Nimmo) Riddle, classmate of Jack White

·       Corr. w/Random House re Posner's reference to Jack White in "Case Close"

·       Corr. re "back-yard photos," rifles, LHO photos, and CIA mind control

·       Jack White suspicion of FBI "spook" with letter and New Art. re FBI Spying

·       Corr. with Assassination Information Committee (AIC)

·       Corr. re lawsuit from Matsu Corp.

·       Corr. re review/sample JFK video for Warten, a German magazine

·       Corr. re pub. Arts. by Jack White and re new books about JFK

·       Corr. re video requests

·       Corr. re high school reunion

·       Corr. re new research, researchers

·       Corr. on Oliver Stone's JFK film

·       Business cards, contact information

·       Corr. re chess games with Jim Marrs

·       Corr. opinions on JFK assassination

·       Corr. request to FBI for photos

·       Corr. re: Intelligence Report article

·       Corr: Interview questions

·       Letter to the editor (3)

·       Corr. re: Prices

·       Corr with Mary

·       Corr. re. purchases

·       Corr with VJS publishing companies

·       Corr. re The Fourth Tramp

·       Corr. With Jerry Rose

·       Corr. with Noel Twyman

·       Corr. with James Fetzer

·       Corr. re autopsy testimony

·       Corr. re. The JFK Conspiracy Pyramid

Dec. 1974 ≈ Oct. 1998

White, Jack – General

·       Corr. w/Texas Chr. Univ. about possible JFK Assassination class

·       Promo material for Jack White's "A New Look at the JFK Assassination"

·       Script intro to JFK video

·       Curricula Vitae of Jack White

·       Published Letter by Jack White, challenging Warren Comm. conclusion of single assassin

·       Secrets of the Temple, four photocopied pages from chapter, "A Pact with the Devil"

·       Jack White bullet-pointed biography

·       Instructions for gun show

·       GKG article on acoustic evidence on JFK assassination

·       Questionnaire

·       Picture of rifle Oswald used to kill JFK

·       Corr. re: Murder from within

·       Intelligence Report article

·       Thank you correspondences with attachments

·       News article on sexual Harassment charges

·       Order form

·       Thank you cards

·       Car crash article

·       Description of self re. Jack White

·       Reunion update

·       Dershowitz Q and A and article

·       Talks by Michael Parenti flyers

Feb. 1993 ≈ Apr . 1999

White, Jack - Poster "The Evolution of Lee Harvey Oswald"

·   Corr. with Jack White, re.: Orders for Lee Harvey Oswald poster (100+ requests)

·   Description of posters

Nov.28, 1994 ≈ Jan. 22, 1999

White, Jack – Poster "The Day of the Umbrella Man"

·       Requests for the poster

≈Apr. 1996

White, Jack – Publications

·       Who Killed JFK? – Not LHO (mounted with picture of JFK)

·       The Government's Keystone Kops Hold You in Contempt

·       Error? in "Mortal Error" is Significant

·       A House Divided

·       Acoustics Researchers Spend Your Time on Something More Productive

·       Jack White JFK Educational Research

·       Facial Mapping

·       Surveyor Chester Breneman's Claims of Government Alterations to Dealey Plaza Plats and Z-Film

·       "Ballistics Discovery by California Researcher Proves that ‘Stretcher Bullet Theory' is a Lie (Because WC Exhibit 399 could not have been Fired from the CE 139 Mannlicher-Carcano), and that by 1978 a Different ‘Evidence' Bullet was Substituted by the Government!"

·       "Was Mary Standing in the Street?"

·       "Mysteries of the JFK Assassination: The Photographic Evidence from A to Z"

·       "Takes issue"

·       "What's the Deal With 13-Inch Heads?"

·       "The Case of Q-10" or "The FBI Cover-Up in the Bag"

·       "An Autopsied Skull is in Two Pieces; Why Wasn't Oswald's?"

·       "New Oswald picture from the Archives proves photo manipulation"

·       "The Great Zapruder Film Hoax"

1993 ≈ 1997

White, Jack – Publishing Contacts

·       Corr. re rifles,

·       Corr. re publication of Jack White's Arts. in:

·       Playboy

·       Penthouse

·       The Detroit News

·       The National Tattler

·       Time Magazine

·       Parade

·       Gallery

·       Premiere Magazine

·       Information for Playboy to consider for an investigative report

·       Corr. w/Charles Scribner's Sons re proposed book for publication

·       Corr. with Red Hen Press

·       Globe Communications Corp.

·       Sebal Communications

·       Corr. with Globe Communications re: photos and slides

·       Federal Express Packaging Services

May 1975 ≈ June 30, 2008

White, Jack - Slides

·       Overhead slides on the Mary Moorman Photo

·       Slide of Oswald's capture


White, Jack-Slide Scripts

·   Scripts: Scripts for various presentations on Lee Harvey Oswald and the JFK assassination

·   Mystery People of Dealey Plaza

·   Too Many Oswalds

·   Duality in the Assassination of Kennedy


White, Roscoe

·       Corr. from Linda M. Wells (sister of Roscoe White) re refuting claims implicating Roscoe as "Grassy Knoll Gunman"

·       Photocopies of Roscoe White in military

·       "Another Kennedy Assassin?" Art. in Dallas Times Herald

·       Photo of Roscoe White

·       Arts. re Ricky White (son) claiming Roscoe White was Kennedy assassin

·       List of homes and their owners, Roscoe White and J.D. Tippit among them

·       Letter of Agreement with Matsu Corporation

·       Notes

·       Corr. from Mark Bridger to Jack White re.: "Backyard Photos" and Roscoe White

·       "The New Orleans Connection" – John Gooch

·       General Photos of Roscoe White

Aug. 1990 ≈ Aug. 8, 1996

Whitmey, Peter R.

·   Manuscript: Priscilla and Lee: Before and After

·   Manuscript: The Man Who Heard Too Much

·   Advertisement for "Jean Hill – The Lady in Red"

Dec. 26, 1989

Williams, E. R.

·   Corr. with Jack White, re.: HSCA

Aug. 18, 1981 ≈ Nov. 11, 1981

Wilson, Thomas W.

·       Curricula Vitae for Thomas Wilson

·       Corr. re identity of "assassins"

·       Corr. re solicitation for publication of Arts.

·       Contact and experience information

·       Corr. re CE 399 bullets

·       Corr. to Wilma Wyle Wingfield

·       Corr. to Jack White

·       Corr. re. Wilson' analysis

Mar. 1991 ≈ Oct. 1996

Winslow, Gordon

·       Master Researcher Directory

·       Corr. from Jack White asking researchers for submissions to JFK assassination research groups and inclusion on a researcher directory

·       Response from Gordon Winslow to Research Directory inclusion request

Nov. 1991

Woods, John R. II

·       JFK Assassination Photographic Research Book

·       Photocopy of Contents List

·       Corr. with Jack White

·       Photographs of Grassy Knoll

Jul. 1982


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