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Jack White Correspondence – JFK Related

Borrowed and Copied, January 2007-March 2009



Oakes, Mark Allen

·       Corr. re "badgeman" photo

·       Resumes of Oakes

·       "On the Trail of he Mystery FBI Man" -Oakes

Jun. 1993

O'Hagan, Ed

·       Description of research and conclusions re: the assassination of J.F.K

Sep. 1997

Oliver, Beverly

·       Corr. from B. Oliver req. photo of herself

·       Corr. discrediting B. Oliver as "Babushka lady"

·       Flyer for debate: Beverly Oliver vs. Gary Mack

Mar. 1977 ≈ Jul. 1993

Opferman, Bill

·       Corr. re:

·       J. White video, poster

·       JFK Assassination evidence

·       POW-MIA

·       Korean War

·       Mark Lane

·       Philip Corso

·       Christmas cards

·       Tommy Denton Star-Telegram Column

·       Oklahoma City Bombing

·       Nixon-Pham Van Dong Letter

·       U.S. Veteran Dispatch, The (Aug. 1993 – Nov. 1994)

·       Kennedy/eternal flame pin

Mar. 1992 ≈ Dec. 15, 1997

Organ, Jerry

·       Corr. re photo analysis of Oswald "backyard photos"

Mar. 1992

Oswald, Lee Harvey - Articles

·       "Turncoat Hangs Up on Mother"

·       "Explanation eludes Oswald's brother"

·       "Texas Theatre, where Oswald was captured, to reopen Friday"

1995 ≈ 1998

Oswald, Lee Harvey – Backyard Photos

·       Script for "Fake – The Photo that Framed LHO"

·       Backyard photos of Oswald

·       Testimony of detective Fritz, Dallas Police Dept. re time of finding the photos

·       "Fake" video covers by Jack White

·       Possibilities of Backyard photos

·       Photo of Oswald's head

·       Photo of Oswald in Russia

·       Oswald Bumper sticker

·       Corr. re. Backyard Photos

·       Reconstruction of backyard photos – "Bobby Brown and ‘Oswald's Ghost(s)'"

·       Corr. re. Oswald's short leg in photos

·       The Houston Post "Explaining the Photos"

·       Comparison of Backyard photos to photo of same location

·       Summary of main points showing backyard photos are fakes

·       Object sizes and viewpoints

Oct. 1989 ≈ Aug. 2003

Oswald, Lee Harvey – Exhumation, 1981

·       Doctors identify body as Oswald

·       Appeals court denies Oswald autopsy rehearing

·       Photos of Oswald in morgue

·       Marguerite Oswald, research performed by

·       Temporary Restraining Order (copy), Marina Oswald vs. Robert Oswald vs. Rose Hill Burial Park, Inc.

·       Analysis of Oswald's body, dental x-rays, etc.

·       "The Exhumation and Identification of Lee Harvey Oswald" by Norton

·       "The Lee Harvey Oswald Exhumation Enigma"

·       Glen B. Fleming article: "What About the Body in Arlington?

·       Exhumation Enigma, On the craniotomy case

·       Photograph of Oswald's skull with craniotomy (4)

·       Questions regarding Exhumation on The Continuing Inquiry

·       Photos of Charles V. Harrelson

·       Judge Delays Opening Oswald's Grave

·       Oswald's Brother loses bid to prevent Exhumation

·       Oswald's Brother to ask district judge to prevent Exhumation supported by Mrs. Porter

·       Court clears way for Exhumation, blocking Oswald's Brother's appeal

·       Other articles on exhumation

·       Skull with autopsy and autopsy craniotomy

June 1980 ≈ Jan. 1984

Oswald, Lee Harvey – Imposter, presentation material by Jack White

·       Photos of Oswald in service (Marines) and while in Russia

·       Personal information re periods of Oswald's life

·       "Counterfeit people" by Tony Mendez

·       "End the secrecy about too many Oswalds


Oswald, Lee Harvey – Multiple Rifles

·       Photos of various rifles with analysis

·       JFK slaying rifle switched, expert hints

·       Detailed information re the weapon presumably used in the assassination of JFK

·       Corr. with editor of U.S. News and World Report

·       Analysis of gun photos

·       Analysis of Bullets

Nov. 1963 ≈ July 1995

Oswald, Lee Harvey – Personal Data, Passports, Police Records, etc.

·       Louisiana Police Dept. photos of Oswald

·       Dallas Police Dept., records of Oswald

·       Public school attendance, grades, etc.

·       Insurance award

·       News articles re Oswald as defector

·       FBI Reports on Oswald's background

·       Passport applications with Oswald photos

·       Review of video "On Trial: LHO"

·       Script for "The Framing of LHO"

·       Corr. between LHO and his employer, Nov. 1963

·       County Medical Examiner: External Examination

·       Photo of Oswald look-alike in Russia

·       "In Defense of Lee Harvey Oswald and His Mother."

·       "The Secret Life of Kennedy Assassin in the USSR" by Ignacio Zuleta

·       Signature s of Lee Harvey Oswald

·       "JFK 101" (Ch. 1,2,5,6)

·       "Penrose Size and Shape Coefficients Calculated from Facial Indices of Lee Harvey Oswald"

·       Corr. between Oswald and Senator Lower

·       Oswald's ID cards

·       Story of Oswald's friend

·       Affidavit from Texas District Attorney

·       Cadigan Exhib

·       Corr with Jack White re: Art, " Oswald's ID Card Is a Major Link to Assassination Conspiracy"

·       The Army's incomplete accounting for inventories

·       Oswald's Drivers License

·       Memorandum: Subject: Telephone interview with Chief George Griffen re: Oswald's Drivers license

·       Tommy Stephens essay re: Relationships with the Oswalds

·       Corr. between US Gov., re. Oswald

·       Corr. re, Oswald's Texas Driver's License

·       Corr. of Jack White, re. LHO's social security record

·       Warren Commission Exhibit Documents

·       Reporter Recalls Oswald as Child

·       Section of "Lee: A Portrait of Lee Harvey Oswald"

·       Chronological record of medical care

·       Harvey and Lee: The Forged W-2 Forms 

·       Reference copy on Wilcott's testimony on the Oswald project.

·       Article on Oswald's Wallet

·       Project Oswald

·       Exhibit #7: Certificate of high school credits

·       Oswald as 2nd recruit training battalion

·       Some Did you know facts about Oswald

·       Report of medical examination

·       Oswald's signature

·       W-s Form "Forged"

1956 ≈ 1998

Oswald, Lee Harvey – Photos

·       Photos of Oswald mounted on cardboard

·       Photos of Lee Harvey Oswald's body

·       The photo that framed Oswald "Fake"

·       Right and Left flopped photos of Oswald

·       Mug shots of Oswald

·       William Robert marine photos

·       Photos of men in the marine

·       Photo of Oswald in combat

·       Satellite photo of Texas

·       Photo of Oswald without distortion

·       Photo of Oswald holding Cathy

·        Moorman Polaroid

·       Photo of Oswald from the Fort Worth Stock Show Rodeo

·       Half white, half black photos of Oswald


Oswald, Lee Harvey – Radio Interview, Sept. 1963

·       Interview re "The Fair Play for Cub Committee" and Oswald's involvement

Sep. 1963

Oswald, Margaret M.

·       Corr. re request for passport and visa for political protection to Argentina

·       Describing photos exhibited to her.

March 1964-Oct. 1967

Oswald, Marguerite

·       Corr. to Marguerite requesting signature of LHO

·       Photos of Marguerite Oswald

·       "Welcome to the Lee Harvey Oswald Memorial Library and Research Institute, Marguerite C. Oswald, Director" by William C. Martin

·       Corr. between Gary Mack and Jim Hargrove re: Marguerite's Secret Hideaway

1957≈ Aug. 31, 1999

O'Toole, George

·   Art.: "Lee Harvey Oswald was Innocent" by George O'Toole in Penthouse magazine

·   Art.: "Assassination Tapes" by George O'Toole in Penthouse Magazine


Overcast, Michael

·   Corr. with Jack White

·   Copy of page from book 'Four Days'

·   My Last Look at Mr. President by Cheryl McKinnon

·   John Kennedy's Flame Still Glows Two Decades Later, articles by Lew Scarr and Don McLeod

·   Blind San Diegan Recalls His 1963 Meeting with Kennedy

Nov. 20, 1983 ≈ Apr. 25, 1984

Overthrow Magazine

·       "All the President's Hitmen: Dutch Reagan and the Mob"

≈ Feb. 1980


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