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Jack White Correspondence – JFK Related

Borrowed and Copied, January 2007-March 2009



Landesburg, Stephen

       Transcription reports of eyewitnesses

       Rally interrupted by Nazi group

       Oswald pal hunted

       Ruby Lawyer Wants TV Trial

       Carleton Sterling comments on Stan Weeber's draft of "More on Stephen Landesberg"

Nov. 1963 ≈ 1998

Lansdale, Edward

       Corr. to from Robert Estrin re. photos of Lansdale

June 12, 1995

Lapon, Lenny

   Corr. with Jack White, Re.: John W. Hinckley, Jr. (3), with enclosed article: Who Shot R.R.?

   "Nugan Hand / Paisley / Oswald Link?" –by Marvin Longton

Apr. 24, 1981

Last Hurrah Bookshop

       Catalogues #4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18

       Corr. re new books for sale

       Book list

       Ordering information update

       Corr. with Jack White

       Corr. with Jack White re: money

       Postal ordering information

       Catalogue 20

       New books in catalogue 19

       Catalogue 21 addendum

Mar. 1986 ≈Dec. 1999

Lattimer, John K.

       The Kennedy-Connally One Bullet Theory

       The Kennedy-Connally Single Bullet Theory

       Autopsy findings on John F. Kennedy

June 1975

Lemkin, Peter

       Corr. with Jack White re. Tom Wilson's letter

       Corr. re. Chicago Symposium

       Corr. re research on:

       "tramp" photos

       Roscoe White


       General (3)

       Photo project by Peter Martin

       "Towner" photos

       Cancellere photo

       The "Cuban"

       Corr. from William Turner, re. Lemkin v. Bye

       Corr. with Jack White re: Tosh

       Corr. with Thomas Wilson re: conspiracy in the JFK assassination


Jan. 1990 ≈ 1998

Lentol, Larry

       Corr. to Jack White

Sep. 9, 1994

Letters to the Dallas Police Department

       Letter to the Dallas Police Commissioner

       Material for book cover


Lifton, David

       Secret Service implicated in K. assassination

       Art., "Author-ized" about Lifton

       Art. "In Wake of Lifton Book Charges: Committee to Save the Secret Service Formed"

       Book Review of "Best Evidence"

       Byline of "Best Evidence"

       Corr. re new book

       Fwd. letter from Carol Hewett

       Flyer for "Best Evidence" and order form with Conflict: The Dorf Report

       Corr. with Jack White, re. shoe store

       Letter to ARRB

Mar. 1979 ≈ Mar. 1999

Limbaugh, Rush

   A Common Touch: 'Dittoheads' All Over Make Rush Limbaugh Superstar of the Right by Eric Morgenthaler

Jun. 28, 1993

Lindstrom, Bryan

   Corr. with Jack White, re.: Badgeman

   Photo of Grassy Knoll

   Requesting Texas Monthly

Nov. 11, 1992 ≈ July 23, 1996

Linge, Don

   Thank-you card to Jack White

Apr. 27, 1993

Little, William – California Agencies

       Corr. with Jack White, Re. The Fourth Decade 11/94 "The Bledsoe Bust"

       Social Security Number explanations


       Corr. to Walt Cakebread, re. autopsy reports/FBI

       Texas Bar Journal

       Corr. with Jack White re: Crypts, codes, ciphers ( The Bledsoe document)

       Corr. with Dave Perry  re: questions

       Corr. with Jack White re: JFK/LHO any other written letters or forms, etc.

       Corr. with Jack White re: Curious photo

July 6, 1998 ≈ May 8, 2003

Limmey, Tony

       Corr. with Jack White

Dec 18

Livingstone, Harrison Edward

       Analysis of The Report of the House Assassinations Committee

       Book Review of "Best Evidence"

       Dispute re single gunman theory

       "COPA and the JFK Assassination Records Review Board"

       Corr. to Jack White about Bullet Photos

       Article by Livingstone re. autopsy (2)

       Corr. re. Bronson film

       Art. "Parkland Doctors' Testimony Shows Autopsy Photos Forged"

       Drawings of JFK's head wound

       Art. "Author has data on JFK"

       Transcript of Interviews Conducted by Harrison E. Livingstone with doctors at Parkland Hospital on July 30, 1979, Dallas, Texas.

       Our March 1981 briefs column mentions further™

Aug. 15, 1979 ≈ Nov. 10, 2000

Livingstone, Harrison Edward – An Analysis of the Report of the Assassination Committee

       Copy of the text

       Copy of the text with notes

       Article: Uncovering the conspiracy "Wandering wounds and forged photos

       "On Gerald Posner"

       "Stunning new evidence in the JFK case"

       Corr. with Jack White re: correction of publication

       Corr. with Jack White re: unpublished book

       Corr. with Jack White re: interviews and physical evidence in the Oswald case.

Sep. 1980-Sep. 1998

Lonergan, George

       Corr. re William Gale as poss. K. assassin

       Corr. re. Umbrella Man and photos

       Letter to Editor


May 1992 ≈ Apr. 1994

Longton, Martin

   Article on Paisley's death in relation to Nugan Hand Scandal

February 9, 1981

Luce, Claire Boothe

   Art.: "Cuban Rebels Told Ex-Envoy of Oswald Trip" by Earl Golz of the Dallas Morning News

May 10, 1979

Lynn, Randall

   Corr. with Jack White, re.: JFK assassination

   Corr. with Jack White from Lynn's students

Apr. 30, 1991 ≈ Apr.1993


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