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Jack White Correspondence – JFK Related

Borrowed and Copied, January 2007-March 2009



Jaycox, Warren C.

   Corr. with Jack White, re.: Photographic evidence

Jan. 20, 1989

Jaynes, Greg

   Corr. with Jack White, re.: photographic analysis

   Corr. with Ed Sherry

   "JFK: The Game" – by Greg, Jaynes

   Memorandum from National Archives

   Articles from Spotlight

Jan. 31, 1995 ≈ Sep. 2001

JFK Assassination – Medical Reports, Diagrams

       Exact hit of JFK unresolved

       Diagrams and reports of JFK autops

       Wound of JFK in dispute

       Kennedy autopsy photos doctored

       JFK Death Certificate

       Diagram of Craniotomy

       Map of shells found in area of shooting

       Description of .222 Remington gun

       Article  for "GKG"

       Photo analysis, (Nix Film, Zapruder film, Willis photo, etc™)

       Examination of X-ray films

       Following Kennedy's body

       Statistical surveys of the Origin of shots fired

       Diagrams of the shots fired

       Interrogation questions and pictures for evidence.

       Articles re. Kennedy Autopsy

       Photos of JFK's Cerebellum

       Sideview, rearview and front view of the skull

       Pictorial rep. of Kennedy's head wound

       JFK' s Occipital bone

       Commission exhibit 385: Entry point of bullet

May 1977 ≈   May 1992

JFK Assassination Records Collection Act of 1992

       Timeline of Records


JFK Assassination Symposium/Forum

       Kennedy victim of gangsters

       Symposium '94 brochure

       Thank you letter to Jack White

       TCI copies

       Coalition on Political Assassinations, Second Annual National Conference

       New Evidence from the Released JFK-RFK-MLK files.

       "Assassinations 101"

       News Conference Update

       Symposium '88 brochure

       JFK Assassination Forum Number 11,12, 30-32

       Schedule and info on the 2000 meeting to discuss MLK research

Mar. 1976 ≈ October 1995

JFK Assassinations – Witness Reports

       Witness reports

Oct. 27, 1996

JFK Files from Dallas Police Dept.

       Dallas Municipal Records and Archives Center Photo Reproduction Chart/Prices

       Oswald clay replica, photo of

       Dallas Police Assassination files opened to public

       Magazine cover "The Kennedy Assassination-Why the Warren Report was wrong and right."

       The JFK Scenario

Jul. 1993 ≈ Oct. 1995

JFK Remarks to Dallas Citizens Council

       Remarks by the President for press release

Nov. 22, 1963

JFK Video List (from Jack White)

       Notepads with names of those requesting videos

       Video Order Requests (postcard size)

       Envelopes with customers' addresses

       Corr. req. videos

       Mailing labels list

       Tetley  requesting information on JFK videos

       Vlatko Nocheski's order on information packet, brochure and books catalog.

       JFK movies order form.

       Jack Herer's Help End Marijuana Prohibition Tour

       JFK Video order for the Frank Discussion

       JFK Video list prices


Sept. 1978 ≈Oct. 2001


   Schedule: November 1996 conference in Dallas

   Flyer: November 1996 conference in Dallas

   Order form: The Assassination Chronicles

   Corr. from Debra Conway to attendees of November 1996 conference

   Book list

   Registration from for November 1996 conference

   E-mail from Debra Conway to JFKNews about November 1998 conference

   Corr. with Jack White from William Reymond


   Booklet: November 1997 conference in Dallas

   Order form JFK Lancer Production and Publications

   Price list on reduced or hard to find soft covers

   Corr. to Jack White from William Bretz, re. Donald Norton

   November in Dallas 2000 program

   Description of JFK Lancer Conference and memorial ceremony on the grass knoll

   Resource Mail Order

   Audio/Visual checklist

   Flyer for: Annual November in Dallas Conference

   The Assassination Chronicles


June 1995≈ Dec. 4, 2000

JFK Video Purchases

   Checks to JFK video for video purchases

Nov. 1992-May 1992

Johnson, John

   Corr. to Jack White, re. material for book

   Draft of book

  Photo requests from UT Arlington's library, Ft. Worth Star Telegram, Jack White, Dallas Morning News, and Dallas Municipal Archives and Records Center

  Letter to Jack White re: Meeting up and help on a book

  Corr. with Jack White re: photographic analysis work

  Corr. with Jack White re: Oswald

  Corr. with Jack White re: Slides

Jul. 1, 1994 ≈ June 19, 2000

Johnson, Lyndon B.

       Dark side of Johnson legend

       Don't argue with Judge Sarah T. Hughes

       Horace Busby, publicist who worked for LBJ

       Art.: "Ms. Brown Goes Down"

       Art.: "LBJ doubted one-bullet theory, tapes show"

April 16, 1994

Jones, Penn

       Corr. re multiple assassins

       Corr. re research leads

       Comm. to save the Secret Svc. formed

       Art., The Networks vs. A Researcher

       Corr. to Jack White

       Rather's Defense

       Penn Jones' Forgive my Grief order form

       Penn Jones commending Royko on the Dan Rather article.

       Penn Jones' The Dan Rather Film order.

       Letter re: The three tramps

       Article: TCI announces new policy on subscriptions for 1981

       Statement of ownership, management and circulation of The Continuing Inquiry

Mar. 1979 ≈  Sep. 1981

Jordan, Guy

       Corr. re Oswald photos, "Badgeman"

Apr. ≈    Jul. 1992

Judge, John (Coalition on Political Assassinations – COPA)

       Sen. David Boren – "Intro. of Assassination Materials Disclosure Act of 1992"

       Corr. re invitation to become a member on Advisory Board; Organizational Conf.

       COPA newsletter

       Short Biography

       C.O.A. envelope

       Corr. to Jack White regarding meetings

       Three Decades of Doubt Conference schedule

       COPA order forms and conference flyers

       Call for Papers

       Conference, Videotapes and Abstracts

       Coalition on Political Assassinations Annual Financial Report

       Corr  with Jack White to join COPA

       Freeing the Files: The New Law& the Work Ahead

       Corr. with Governing and Advisory Boards re : Conference Participation

       Article: Draft will lead to war in the  third world

       Corr with Jack White,  re: Annual Report

       Corr with Jack White re: annual dues.

       Thank you letter to Jack White for donation

       JFK-RFK-MLK-New Information From the Files

       Second Annual National l conference Highlights and Events

       Corr with Advisory Board call for papers.

       Assassination Book Titles

       Ordering Information update

       Three Decades of Doubts Conference

       Second meeting conference call of Interim Governing Board

       Investigation and Research

       Phone/Fax list of COPA advisory board

       News Release: JFK assassination record review board subpoenas Garrison records from New Orleans district attorney

       Article: JFK board force Connick to hand over Garrison files

       Memo re: Annual board meeting at COPA conference

       1998 COPA conference video tape programs

       Fax re: Senate Committee on Governmental Affairs

       Article: Regional meeting of JFK assassination researchers planned for Dallas

       The History channel programs and upcoming events

       Government reform and oversight committee 105th congress

       Memo re: elected members of the board

       Three Decades of Doubt conference

       Thank you letters to supporters

       Corr. with Jack White re: COPA appointment

Mar. 1991 ≈  Nov. 1998


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