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Jack White Correspondence – JFK Related

Borrowed and Copied, January 2007-March 2009



Hager, Steven

       Art. "Heritage of Stone" about CIA cover-up

Sep. 1991

Hall, David


       News Art. about David Hall, researcher

Jun. 1992


       Issue 4


Harp, Mark

       Art., "Exposed! The Greatest Cover-up in History" – about hollow earth theory

Jun. 1992

Harp, Rush


       Corr. to Jack White

Oct. 1976

Harrell, Russel

       Corr. to N.Y. Times editor

       Corr. to Jack White

       Corr. re. Zapruder film

       NY Times, "Television's Memory Hole"

Jan. 1992 ≈ Oct. 1994

Harrelson, Charles (The Three Tramps)

       News Arts. on Charles Harrelson firearms trial

       Photos of Charles Harrelson

       Photos of "the three tramps"

       Photos comparing Charles Harrelson and one of the "tramps"

       Research attempting to link Charles Harrelson with "Tall Tramp" of Dealey Plaza

       Article about "the three tramps"

Oct. 1981 ≈ Jul. 1986

Haslam, Edward T.

   Art.: Did David Ferrie & Mary Sherman Develop a Biological Weapon?

   Corr .with The Directors of CTKA re: Mary, Ferrie & the Monkeys Virus (The story of an Underground Medical Lab.)

   Corr with Jack re: radio circuit.


Hewett, Carol

       Identification of "radio man" as possibly Jose Bosulto

       Question re Oswald defect photo

       Corr with Jack re: Pictures.

       Corr. With Jack re: Oswald photos

       Corr. with Jack re: Oswald-Paine-_Ohio connection.

       Corr with Jim Mars, John Armstrong, and Mike Levy re: Ruth and Michael Pain workshop.

       Corr with Barbara LaMonica, William E. Kely, Steve Jones and Mark Oakes re: Paine documents.

Dec. 1993 ≈ July 1995

Hildenbrand, Jane

   Corr. with Jack White, re.: Statistics

   Corr with Jack White, re: JFK questionnaire.

Aug. 8, 1980-Jan. 30, 1980

Hinckley, John

       Hinckley pleads innocent

       Hinckley note about helpers is reported

       Hinckley lawyers seek to bar data

       Paper by Hinckley seized by guards

       Background Data on John Hinkley

       Rough notes

Aug. 1981 ≈ Dec. 1981

Hoch, Paul

   Draft – The Roscoe White Story

   Corr. with Gary Mack

   Material received from Bud Fensterwald



1979 ≈ 1990

Hoffman, Frank W.

       Kennedy photos "not touched up"

       Hindrances to research – distance, cost of copies

       Corr. to Jack White with letter from Michael M. Baden about autopsy photos

       Corr with Kenn, re; CBS rejection notice.

       "Witness or not to Witness" –by Frank Hoffman

Jul. 1981 ≈  Mar. 1982

Holt, Chauncey

       Corr. to Jack White, re. forged I.D.s


Horne, Doug

       Authenticity of Zapruder film

       Corr with Jack re: Oswald Poster

Apr. 1997-Feb 1990

House Select Committee on Assassinations (HSCA)

       No "grassy knoll shot"

       Kennedy tape data questioned

       Arguments against "two assassin" theory

       Varying ballistic calculations

       House Resolution 433

       House Resolution 760

       List of HSCA Members

       Letter: "Echoes of Conspiracy" by Paul L. Hoch

       Accounts of Bullets Hitting the Dealy Plaza Area

       "HSCA Volumes: Extracts that Challenge or Refute the Warren Commission's Lone-Gunman Theory"

       Autopsy witness interviews

       Corr with Jack re: Investigations

       Corr with Jack re: House Assassinations Committee and book, news clipping.

       Front cover of Hearings Before the President's Commission on the Assassination of Kennedy.

       Photos of Bill Lovelady to the HSCA

       Letter from Ilona Lorenz

       Corr. from Jack White, re. White's testimony

       Interviews: Donald Archer

       Statements: Aletha Frair

       Action Alert: Re-opening of Martin Luther King Assassination

       Jack White's admission ticket to the HSCA

       Questionnaire or HSCA investigations


Dec. 1964 ≈ June, 1998

Houston City Magazine

   Article re: Cayman islands

April 1979

HSCA-Jack White

   Transcript of Jack White's testimony

   Explanations of various slides

October 1978

Hughes, J.W.

       Photos of varying rifles

       Bullet analysis

       Various photos of Dealey Plaza crowd

May 1967 ≈   Feb. 1994

Hunt, E. Howard

   Art.: House May Probe Nixon Death Squad (2)


Hurt, Harry III

       Hunt family conspiracy

       Article re: Is this American a Soviet Spy?

Apr. 1981

Hymans, Pete

   Corr. with Jack White

Oct. 31, 1977≈Jun. 21, 1978

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