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Jack White Correspondence – JFK Related

Borrowed and Copied, January 2007-March 2009



Farr, James D.

·       Corr. with Jack White re: Information being with-held in the Warren report

·       Corr . with Jack White re: Jackie killing Kennedy

·       Letter to Mr. White re: Assassination of Pres. Abe Lincoln

Jan 15-Jan.24,1968

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)

·       Affidavit of Harry Dean as FBI Agent

·       Oswald, Marina – interview by FBI

·       Oswald, Lee Harvey – photos in Russia

·       FBI sought Oswald data in 1956

·       Transcript of all radio transmissions being received in Dallas, TX., Nov. 22-24, 1963

·       FBI Report on Bonnie Ray Williams

·       Espionage

·       FBI Infiltration, wire tapping, etc.

·       Hoover's vendetta w/Dallas police dept.

·       Hoover and FBI Fascists

·       Corr. to Jack White

·       Laboratory Work Sheet: Examination of Camera obtained from Mr. Abraham Zapruder

·       Corr. from Jim Hargrove to Jack White containing photos of FBI file about "Backyard photos".

·       "American Grotesque" (ch. 11)

·       "Threat to Kill President Kennedy" by J.A. Milteer

·       Statements of US Secret Service agents (2)

·       Dallas Police Department Statements

·       JFK Witness statements

·       Photos of JFK at Dealy Plaza

·       Corr between Charles Dunne and Gary Mack on Oswald's birth certificate

·       Memo: warning of assassination attempt

·       Warren Commision Exhibit material

·       News article on film outtakes and FBI records

·       File on Mary Ann Moorman

·       Summary of T.V. show about FBI from 1950s

·       In association with Bob Vernon, meeting report  to Jack white re: The investigative findings of truth on the assassination of John F. Kennedy

·       James Markham in conjunction with Oswald

·       W.r (Dub) Stark

·       Textual document on evidence, photographs and films, Zapruder (Deloach to Mohr)

·       Article re: Treasure trove of FBI files unveiled, and Freedom of information act request

·       Name, type of person and results of requested files

·       Interview between Mr. Jenner and Mrs. Murret

·       Comission Exhibit on Oswald's school attendance

·       Article on FBI's access to information

Nov. 1963 ≈ Sep. 12, 1998

Feher, Gabriel J.

·       Corr. re. photographs


Fensterwald, Bernard

·       Art. on Fensterwald's death

·       Art. – "Waiting for Justice: JFK Case not Closed"

·       Corr. to establish Institute on Political Violence

Dec. 1979 ≈ 1991

Ferrell, Mary

·       Corr. with Pat Montgomery

·       Corr. with Larry Ray Harris to co-workers Gary Mack, Gary Shaw, and Jack White

·       Description of Mary Ferrel's Car in Motorcade

·       "Remembering Mary Elizabeth McHughes Ferrell"

·       Corr. with Jack re: The trial of the U-2

Dec. 1987 ≈  Feb. 2004

Fetzer, James

·   Corr. to fellow JFK researchers, re.: Assassination Science: Experts Speak Out on the Death of JFK

·   Flyer for the book (8)

·   Flyer: "A Modest Proposal"

·   Corr. to participants in JFK conference held at the UMinn-Duluth

·   Corr., open letter from Fetzer and David Mantik, re.: JFK assassination

·   Interview with Jack White

·   Art. by Jack White: "The Great Zapruder Film Hoax

·   Corr. with James Fetzer from Jim Lewis

·   Corr. with Ed O'Hagan, re. Zapruder Film

·   Commentary to follow Armstrong presentation at Fetzer Conference

·   Mass email re: recent disturbing development after the JFK Lancer Conference during the Zapruder symposium

·   The JFK legal fund

·   Interview between James Fetzer and Jack White re: alteration of the photographic evidence

·   Recent findings of the assassination science and murder in Dealey plaza

Dec. 3, 1996-Dec.8, 2000

Filsinger, Tom

·   Corr. with Jack White

Sept. 23, 1993

Folliard, James R.

·       Corr. re critical appraisal suggestions for researchers

·       Corr to Jack White

·       White-Folliard Chess Games

·       "Blaming the Victims" manuscript

·       "Some thoughts on Dan Rather's special ‘spin'" Newsport This Week

·       "Towards a New Paradigm for Investigators"

·       "Assertions About RFK and JBK at Bethesda"

·       "Thirty Years Later. The Warren Report, Politics and History."

·       Corr with Jim Marrs

·       "JFK Conspiracy Pyramid

·       Corr with Jack White re; Chess games

·       Corr. with Jack White re: comments on a paper

·       Corr. with Jack White re: reproduction of the ‘legible version of the 4th Decade'

·       Attachment of an article ‘A CTKA STORY' by William Blake

·       Corr with Jack White re: Livingstone-Groden story

·       Draft for the Bledsoe document

·       Notes on David Perry, ‘A CTKA Story'

·       Article: The Paranoid Style in Research Politics

·       Corr. with Jack White re: Dennis Ford

·       Article re: What's the truth about the origin of AIDS?

·       Corr. with Jack White re: photo and duplicate evidence

·       Corr. with Jack White re: concerns and questions

Dec. 1993 ≈ Feb. 1997

Ford, Dennis

·   Corr. with Jack White, re.: Badgeman

Jan. 24, 1993

Foreign Magazines / Newspapers

·       Match – French "The Kennedy Mystery"

·       German Article

·       Brazilian article about Orville Nix Photo

1966 ≈ Apr. 1998

Forrester, Brett P.

·   Corr. with Jack White


Fort-Worth Star Telegram

·       Corr. voicing complaints by Jack White re non-publication of his Arts. on JFK assassination (2)

·       Submissions to Opinion page, pub./non-pub.

·       Article: "Hypnosis a tool in Police Probes"

·       Article: "You Don't Know Jack"

·       Article: "The Waste Land"

·       Article: "81st anniversary of  JFK's birth observed at two Dallas events"

·       Article: "Kennedy"

·       Article: "Kennedy assassination investigator arrested"

·       Article: "Museum stakes a million on conspiracy theory"

·       News article on Rock Hudson

·       ABC axing Kennedy segment

·       Article: Kennedy "confession" was bargain chip. (2)

·       Article: Scholar wanted RFK evidence  inquiry (2)

·       Article: Sammons to show "Trial" of Lee  Harvey Oswald on Showtime (2)

·       Article: Crime of the century

·       Letter to Editor at the Fort Worth Star-Telegram

·       Article: Let's Find the Truth About HIV – by Jack White

·       Article: Body of JFK Assassin Is Under Guard inFW

·       Article: No Fingerprints Found on Rifle Used in Slaying

Nov. 1963≈ May 1998

Foster, Vince

·   Flyer: "Vincent Foster's Death: Was It A Suicide?" (4)


Fourth Decade, The (Jerry Rose)

·   Flyer: "Fourth Decade Research Conference"

·   Fax: to Jack White allowing permission to copy excerpts from the publication

·   Form letter: from Jerry Rose to authors submitting pieces for the Fourth Decade

·   Corr. to various authors of Fourth Decade articles from William Little

·   List of newspapers and magazines with Jerry Rose and the Fourth Decade listed

·   Corr. with Jack White from John Wassell, re.: article Jack White wrote in the July 1996 of The Fourth Decade

·   Corr. with Jack White from George Costello, re.: article in the Fourth Decade entitled "The Danger of Reliance on Authority"

·   Corr. between Rose and Jack White

·   Order forms

·   Art: "Ballistics Discovery by California Researcher™" – by Jack White

·   Corr. from Jack White to researchers, re. Article

·   Corr. with Jack White from Walt re: Article in Fourth Decade and Powell's photo

·   Order forms of the back issues of The Fourth Decade

July 25, 1994 ≈ Dec. 29, 1998

Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)

·       Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) document

·       Documents for FOIA review

·       FOIA reveals CIA fabrications

·       Govt. amends the Act

·       Govt. demands return of "secret papers"

·        Dallas Times Herald -"U.S. administration needs own glasnost"

·       Public Citizen –"Whose Records Are These Anyway?"

May 1981 ≈ July 1988

Fulfer, Mac

·       The Oklahoma Bomber

·       Corr. with Jack White re. face reading

May 8, 1995


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