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Jack White Correspondence – JFK Related

Borrowed and Copied, January 2007-March 2009



Back, Brad

       Manuscript: "22 November 1963"

       Corr. with Jack White

1993 ≈ May, 2000


       "Gunman Revealed Behind Grassy Knoll Concrete Wall?"  - by Gary Ma ck

       Corr. with Jack White re. "Badgeman"

       Article about Badgeman

1992-Feb. 1993


   Report on the Fair Play for Cuba Committee

Apr. 26, 1999

Baker & Botts

   Memorandum Relating to Trademarks and the Procedure and Costs of Obtaining Same


Baker, Arthur Wayne (Umbrella Man?)

       Jack White research re Umbrella Man

       Corr. to Jack White re. notes

       Corr. from Jack White re. notes

       Article about "Umbrella Man"

       Poster of "Umbrella Man" and "Cuban"

July 1978 ≈Apr. 1979

Baker, James

       Corr. with Jack White about article "A Most Curious Photo"


Baker, T. P.

   Corr. with Jack White about Zapruder film

   Photos of Zapruder film

   Self description of Baker, and request for photos

April 5, 1993

Barber, Steve

   TCI articles  on Barber's position on NAS panel

Dec. 15, 1981

Barr, Guy David

   Corr. with Jack White, re.: Moorman photo

   Copies of Moorman photo

Dec. 13, 1993

Bartholomew, Richard

       Corr. concerning assassination theories

       Corr. from Walter Graf, Jack White, and John Stockwell concerning the assassination ballistics, and other assassination topics.

       Flyer of books by Bartholomew

       Corr. to Jack White, re. Zapruder film outline

Dec. 10, 1993 ≈ Nov. 1996

Bartholomew, Richard – " The Gun that Didn't Smoke"

       Corr. to Jack White with article, "The Gun that Didn't Smoke" by Bartholomew, and Walter Graf (2)


Beck, William C.

       Request for commentary to Jack White

       Request for tape exchange

Jan. 1994 ≈ Jul. 1994

Bennett, Frank O.

       Dealey Plaza calculations

       Kennedy medical photos

       4 gunmen theory

       Ballistic calculations

       Corr. to Jack White re. article "photographic evidence"

       Corr. with Penn Jones

       A review of the Kennedy Assassination

Nov. 14, 1980 ≈ Sept. 27, 1982

Between the Lines...

   Newsletter (2)

   Vol. 8, No. 5 and Vol. 9, No. 2

Apr. 28, 1981 - Mar. 3, 1982

Betzner, Hugh William Jr.

       Copies of photos of Hugh Betzner

Sep. 5, 1992

Blaine, Don

   Corr. with Penn Jones, re.: David Lifton's book "Best Evidence"

   Corr. with Penn Jones, re.: Ronald Reagan

   Article by Blaine "The Ghost of President Kennedy"

Nov. 1980

Blakey, Robert

   Open letter re: Burden of proof

   Interview by telephone

   Corr. with Sigalos & Levine re: release of films

April 23 1980 - June. 9, 1981

Bledsoe Document

   Copy of Dallas PD report published in The Fourth Decade

   Corr. with Jack White, re.: Folliard's article in The Fourth Decade on the Bledsoe Document

Nov. 23, 1994

Blockbuster Video (Stuart, Mark; Ellis, John)

       Corr. re video contracts

Dec. 17, 1990 ≈  Feb. 6, 1992

Bolt, Beranek, and Newman (BBN)

       Sales and earnings data

       Info re lawsuit

       Corr. with Gary Mack re. DPD reordings

1980 ≈ 1983

Book Reviews, Promotions

       Lessons in Evil, Lessons from the Light

       JFK: The Last Dissenting Witness

       The Idle Warriors: What Was Lee Harvey Oswald Really Like?

       The Man on the Grassy Knoll

       Review: "Great Figures in History"


       Review: "The Plot to Kill the President: Organized Crime Assassinated JFK."

       Review: "Death in Washington: the murder of Orlando Letelier"

       "Death by Fire"

       Review: "Master Index"

       Review: "Conspiracy"

       Advertisement for "Best Evidence"

       Corr. from International Bookfinders

       Corr. from Eva Davis Books

       JFK: The Investigations

       ZR Rifle: The Plot to Kill Kennedy and Castro

       Other Book and Video Reviews [5]

Mar. 1977 ≈ 1997

Bostick, S.

   Corr. with Jack White


Bradford, Clint

   Corr. with Jack White: re. Zapruder film

Feb. 13, 1999

Braun, Joanne C.

   Corr. with Jack White, re.: the Three Tramps

   Corr. with Penn Jones, re.: Badgeman

   Corr., re.: assassination bullet

   Corr., re.: conspiracy theories

Nov. 6, 1980≈ , Nov. 25, 1981

Brazil, Jack L.

       Corr. re Dealey Plaza photos

       Photo of unidentified man

Sep. 28, 1987 ≈  Dec. 24, 1993

Brewer, Frances

       Copy of Info on Jack Ruby from Warren Commission

May, 1992

Brewer, Larry

   JFK Shooting Sequence (Ballistics Data)

   Third Decade Speech/Fonzi

   Proceedings of the Second Research Conference of the Third Decade

Jun. 18-20, 1993

Brown, Donne

       Corr. with Jack White about photos

≈Oct. 1995

Brown, Walt

       Book lists/order form, books by Walt Brown

       Advertisement for CDs of Warren Commission, HSCA files, and Trial of Clay Shaw


Brussel, Mae

       Tape transcript #490 – Apr. 1981

       Tape transcript #495

       Tape transcript #496

       Tape transcript #519 – Nov. 1981

       Tape transcript #520 – Nov. 1981

       Tape transcript #522 – Dec. 1981 (2)

       Tape transcript #523 – Dec. 1981

       Tape transcript #524 – Dec. 1981

       Tape transcript #525 – Dec. 1981 (2)

       Tape transcript #526 –May 1981

       Tape transcript #527 – Jan. 1982

       Tape transcript pg. 6 #560

       News Art. Re. Libyan hitman aiding Agca

       News Art. Re. Alexander Haig

       World Watchers International Newsletter

       "The Mind of Mae Brussell" –Paul Krassner

       Assassination Broadcast of October 13, 1971

       Assassination Broadcast of November  24, 1971

       World Watchers International December 1, 1978

       World Watchers International March 1, 1981

       World Watchers International May 31, 1981

       World Watchers International March 21, 1982

       World Watchers International January 5, 1987

       Mae Brussells Website

       New York Times – "U.S. Bars Charges Against a Mexican."

       Allegation Presentation Material by Mae Brussel

Oct. 1971 ≈ Jan. 5, 1987

Burnham, Gregory

       Art. critiquing trustworthiness of Abraham Zapruder

Apr. 25, 1999

Bush, George H.W.

       Article -"Bush Orders Release of non-autopsy material on JFK"

       Article –"What You Don't Know About George Bush Can Hurt You"

       Article –"Bush Denies Report That He Worked for the CIA 25 years ago"

       Article on JFK Files

       Anti Bush /Quayle  Campaign Sign

July 11, 1988 – Oct. 28, 1992


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