Baylor University Poage Library

Collection Statement

Fowler West, a Baylor graduate and native of Central Texas, donated 14 large, archival storage boxes of papers in the Spring of 1993. These papers document his service on the House Agriculture Committee and his tenure as a commissioner with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission.

Upon receipt of the papers, a listing of all the contents was made. Next, the papers were divided into six major series and further processed according to standard archival practice retaining the original filing order as much as possible. The final series are:

  • Personal Files
  • Agriculture Committee
  • CFTC Correspondence
  • CFTC Committee Meetings
  • CFTC Subject Files
  • Publications

Some duplicate items were removed from the collection along with a few papers dealing primarily with Congressmen W.R. Poage. The remaining materials form an excellent historical account of the governmental career of Mr. West, especially with regards to the CFTC. The collection could also be quite useful to researchers interested in commodity markets and their regulation, as well as the workings of the CFTC.