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Competing in Asia: A Winning Strategy for the 21st Century's Largest Market" May 20, 1997

It has become fashionable to speak about the coming 21st century as the Asian century. Indeed, when you combine a region that contains 60% of the world's population with national economic growth rates in many of the countries of the region that have approached double digits for more than two decades, then this point of view becomes persuasive. READ MORE...

"America and China:Two Middle Kingdoms in Search of a Stable Strategic Relationship
September 30, 1996

For most of the 4,000 years of recorded Chinese history, China has viewed itself as the "Middle Kingdom," believing that it occupies a special place in the universe. According to this view, "God is in his heavens, the Chinese occupy a kingdom in the middle, and residing below in a lesser kingdom are the ‘barbarians'" – meaning all other peoples. Viewing the world through China's eyes is fundamental to the relationship the U.S. will develop with the world's most populous country as it re-enters the mainstream of world affairs. READ MORE...