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Magazines donated by Dr. Robert Platt
Title Title of cover article / Subject
A certain education for an uncertain time Published by Humanistic frontiers in American Education: Englewood cliffs, NJ (2 issues)
AARP Condoleezza Rice: A success story File under Rice, Condoleezza
September/October 2005
Aleksaedr Kyzealiov O Beloi Armee N ee Agradax, 1917-1922 Filed under Russian
American Prospect Liberal Intelligence Tom DeLay Corrupt. Fanatical. Un-American. In Trouble.
May 2005
American Social History and Social Movements American Social History and Social Movements
Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science The American Academy of Political and Social Science. 49 issues. See separate list.(Saved as mag_socialscience)
1944 - 1982
At Random Campaign ‘96 Special: Pursuing Perot Filed under Perot, Ross
Fall 1996
Biography Drew Barrymore: A Life Transformed. Inside: White House Powerhouse: Condoleezza Rice Filed under Rice, Condoleezza
September, 2001
Brill's Content Middle east coverage: conspiracy theory
January 2001
Business Tomorrow Published by World future Society: Washington, D.C (4 issues)
June 1979 – February 1980
California Viewpoint Favorite son nostalgia: Reagan File under Reagan, Ronald
September 1984
California Weekly People The 73 Hours That Shook the World
December 1, 1963
Caucus "McCain wins Republican nomination"
Spring 2000
Colorado Progressive Roosevelt, Theodore. Vol. I, No. 9
March 6, 1914
Communication Tomorrow Published by Washington monthly Co.: Washington, D.C
June; September 1977
Conference Board Road Maps of Industry: Published by The Conference Board (2 issues) File under Conference Board
October; November 1980
Continuing Inquiry Widow Disputes Suicide
D Best & Worst:
January 1988
Dallas Morning News November 22, Twenty Years Later
Democratic Digest Published by the Democratic National Committee. (32 issues.)
1953- -1956
Discovery Rugby World Cup Sevens 1997, vol. 25, no. 3
March 1997
Double Eagle Ideas are decisive weaponry File under Russia
December 1983
Education Tomorrow Published by World future Society: Washington, D.C (18 issues) Filed under World future Society
Fall 1977 – December 1980
Esquire The Well Appointed Wardrobe of President John F. Kennedy
January 1962
Esquire: The Magazine for Men "The Well Appointed Wardrobe of President John F. Kennedy: A Photographic Study of 'the Kennedy Look', Appraising the Presidential Influence on Men's Fashions". Location: JFK Mtls.
January 1962
First Christian Church Membership Directory File under Platt, Bob
Fiscal Health Care Behind Bars The Texas Gulf Coast Farm Aid Reviewing the Troops Homeowners, Beware
January 1996 Apr. 1996 June 1996 July 1997 August. 1997
Fiscal Notes Texas: Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts. 3 issues Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts. 44 issues Public Accounts Published by Texas comptroller of public accountant-(2 issues)
1995-1996 1988-1998 1996 March; May 1996
Footnotes to the future Published by Futuremics Inc: Washington; D.C. (19 issues) Filed under Futuremics
May, 1978 - December 1980
Fort Worth Weekly Published by Fort worth weekly: Ft Worth, TX
October 5-11. 2005
Free Enterprise "For sale: Gerald R. Ford". The Capitalist Reporter, Inc. 1 issue, 7(3) Filed under Ford, Gerald
July-August 1977
Free Texas Published by Libertarians party of Texas: Austin, TX File under Libertarian Party of Texas "Free Texas"
Winter 1981
Future Choices: Toward a National Youth Policy Future Choices: Toward a National Youth Policy- Includes various articles by various authors. Filed under Youth Policy Institute
Spring, 1989
Future times Published by World future Society: Washington, D.C File under World future Society
September 1979
Futurist Published by World future Society: Washington, D.C (96 issues) *
February 1967 - 2002
Grassroots Editor Weekly editor's obsession- The Kennedy assassination. (see JFK magazines)
Grassroots Editor Published by International conference of weekly newspaper editors, Carbondale, IL (4 issues)
Grassy Knoll gazette Grassy Knoll Gazette
XII 1992
Guidebook for the ‘90s Resources for effecting personal and social change File under Dynamic Balance Party
Winter 1989
Higher education news notes A report: WCC conference on faith, science & the future: Published by Education in the society: New York File under Education in the society
Fall 1979
Historic Preservation Building on Tradition, vol. 44, no. 3
May/June 1992
Historicana Auction brochure for political buttons
May 1992
Human values tomorrow Published by Washington monthly Co.: Washington, D.C
February ; September 1977
Ink Inflation: Published by World research Inc.
September/October 1979
Inside Sports "Exclusive Interviews With President Reagan"
March 31, 1981
Intelligence Report Wrath of ‘Angels', issue 92
Summer, 1998
Keynoter American Political Items Collector. 78+ issues.
Ladies' Home Journal "Why L.B.J. Dropped Me: A Beautiful Washington Hostess Tells the Full Tale, Gossip and All."
April 1968
Libertarian An exclusive interview with Ed Clark
October & November 1980
Liberty "Emile Ludwig's Life of Franklin D. Roosevelt". 1 issue
December 11, 1937
LIFE Published by Time Inc. (34 issues)
1938 - 1977
Life styles tomorrow Published by Washington monthly Co.: Washington, D.C
September 1976; December 1977
LOOK Published by Cowles Magazines & Broadcasting, Inc. Des Moines, Iowa (6 issues)
1964 - 1967
Macroscope Published by institute for world order; New York File under Institute for World Order
Autumn 1977
Mad E.C. Publications
December 1992
McCall's Robert Kennedy's "Thirteen Days"
November 1968
McCall's: First Magazine for Women "Robert Kennedy's 'Thirteen Days': A Personal Story About How the World Almost Ended". Location: JFK Mtls.
November 1968
MediaWatch ConventionWatch Convention ‘92. 2 issues
August 19, 1992
Medicare & You Medicare & You 2002. File under Medicare & You
Minority of One Bertrand Russel poses 16 questions on The Assassination
September 1964
Missouri Democratic Digest The Federation of Women's Democratic Clubs of Missouri. 4 issues
January – April 1936
Modern Maturity "Andrew Young: On life, sin, and the murder of friends" Filed under Young, Andrew
March-April 1997
Ms. The women (and men) who made us lAugusth, cheer, cry, and cringe in '88
February 1989
Ms. Oprah, Inc. Inside: Special Report: GOP Women-Why They'd Rather Fight Than Switch; Guide to Voting: Terms of Endorsement. Filed Under: Bush/Dukakis
November, 1988
Nation "A citizen reads the constitution". 1 issue
February 21, 1987
Nation Divestment report card: Students, stocks and shanties
October 1986
National Convention News 8 issues (tabloid format)
National Journal "The Hill People"
National journal "The Decision Makers". National Journal Inc. 1 issue
June 10, 1989
National Journal Election '84 Handbook. Filed under: Election 1984
October 29, 1983
National Journal Reagan's challenges File under Reagan, Ronald (see notebook)
November 1984
National Journal Convention Daily 9 issues (tabloid format)
National Journal: The Capital Source "The who's who, what, where in Washington"
1985-1986 edition
National Museum of Natural History "Anthro Notes: Identity transformation in colonial northern Mexico" Vol. 19, No. 2
Spring 1997
National Star World News Corporation.
June 1, 1974
New Crisis, The "Black Patriotism", vol. 108, no. 6 Filed under Black Political Leaders VF
November/December, 2001
New Deal: Volume 4, Number 2 The Newsletter of the Franklin D. Roosevelt Political Items Collector. " The folk art of Franklin D. Roosevelt"
May 1994
New Deal: Volume 4, Number 3 The Newsletter of the Franklin D. Roosevelt Political Items Collector. "The politics of frustration"
October 1994
New Republic "The mild Mr. Rusk" Filed under Rusk, Dean
April 4; 1964
New Republic "Humphrey's Senate" Filed under Humphrey, Hubert
April 11, 1964
New York Times Magazine Published by The New York times
March 30, 1986
Newsweek Focus Social Studies Program (lesson supplement) – "Parties and Politics"
Parade Magazine Is America Ready for its Elderly? / Pepper, Claude
January 2, 1983
Paris Match In French language
February 1983
Pathfinder A News Review of World Affairs
Peace Works New Approaches to International Negotiation and Mediation Filed under USIP The challenge of regional cooperation in central Asia Filed under USIP Conflict management training Filed under USIP Building security in post-cold war Eurasia Filed under USIP
August 1999
June 1999
January 2001 September 1999
Penn Jones' The Continuing Inquiry 16 issues. Compiled into notebooks. See JFK Mtls
People and the pursuit of truth JFK assassination. 2 issues
July, 1975; August 1975
Political Speaker Recent Quotes, anecdotes, humor and advice from the statehouse to the White House
February 1995
Post Women at work
July 1968
POST: The Saturday Evening Post "Inside the White House: An Intimate Portrait of Our First Lady" (Lady Bird Johnson); "Jack Ruby's Lawyer" "Ronald Reagan: Can He Win California?" "The national sport of watching Jackie Kennedy" "In Memoriam: A senseless tragedy. John F. Kennedy 1917-63" "How Bobby Kennedy plans to win it."
February 8, 1964
June 4, 1966 March 11, 1967 December 14, 1963
June 1, 1968
Presidential Studies Quarterly Center for the study of the presidency. Vol. XIX,
Number 4 Issue Theme: The Economy in Presidential Policy, vol. 13, no. 1
Winter, 1983
PrimeTime Various Topics covered in Channel 13 and 90FM
June, 1976
Profiles: Special Collectors Issues Favorite Son George Bush: Houston! Filed under Bush, George
Projection "Buttons! Buttons! Retired professor actively recording life of the parties"
October 1992
Rolling Stone Inside story: "The Man to Beat. The Real Question for Democrats is a Matter of Practical Politics: Who Can Get the Gipper Out of the White House"
May 10, 1984
San Diego Magazine Special GOP Convention Commemorative Edition. "The Republicans are Coming!"
July 1996
Sane World Military Mania: Five Years of Runaway Spending Under Reagan Filed under SANE
Summer, 1987
Saturday Evening Post The national sport of Watching Jackie Kennedy
March 11, 1967
Saturday Review FDR: The Untold Story of His Last Year Sen. James Buckley & Victor Navasky on J. Edgar Hoover "Indian Rights: Fighting back with white man's weapons" Filed under American Indians Published by Saturday Review Magazine, New York Filed under American Indians "Nixon's revenge on the press Horace Sutton in Havana" (Filed under Nixon's notebook)
April 11, 1970 May 27, 1972
November 25, 1978
June 25, 1977 ; November 25, 1978 June 25, 1977
Save this house Published by National Committee for an effective Congress: New York File under White House
Science Digest Year's top 100 innovations and the men and women behind them
December 1985
Search: The Magazine for American History "Special Issue: Campaign Fever!" Scholastic search.
Sepia Black Brainpower in Prison/Blacks Who Ran Away from Racism
June 1973
Shield & Diamond "Pikes in Politics"
March 1990
Skeptic "Who killed JFK?" Forum for Contemporary History Inc. Special issue number 9.
October 1975
Smithsonian "Roosevelt remembered: FDR, 18, as a senior at Graton". Washington D.C.: Smithsonian Associates. 1 issue
January 1982
Social Problems Thematic Issue on Minorities and Social Movements. Vol. 32, No.1. 1984 Presidential Address; Problems in the Work Place; Alcohol Food and Drugs. Vol. 32, No. 2
October, 1984
December, 1984
South Point Cover Photo: Tom Cruise-How did Stock Cars get so hot?
June 1980
Special Financial Report Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts. 7 issues
Standard Published by Association of the Preservation of Political America (APPA). Forest Hill, New York (19 issues)
1976 - 1981
State Convention "Bill Clinton: Convention Press Staff. The comeback kid!"
December 1992
Technology Tomorrow Published by World Future Society: Washington, D.C. (10 issues)
April 1979 – December 1980
Technotes NewTech: Published by Patrick W.H.Garrard (2 issues)
October ; November 1979
Texas ACORN news Published by Texas ACORN: Austin, TX File under Texas ACORN
February 1980
Texas Humanist Texas Committee for the Humanities. Vol. 4, No. 3, 1 issue. Death in the Life of Texas Water Politics: Making Plans Before the Well Runs Dry The Lacandons

Independent filmaking – "It ain't for the money!"
January/February 1982
May-June 1984 July- August1984 September-October 1983
March, 1981
Texas Journal Culture and Moral Values, vol. 12, no. 1
Fall/Winter, 1989
Texas Republic – The Conservative voice of the Lone Star "Sharp stories: can Texans trust a 'new Democrat' to prescribe for their future?"
May/June 1994
Texas Town and City Urban Leadership for the Seventies, vol. 59, no. 6
June 1972
THINK When Corporations Think of Merger, vol. 28, no. 7
July-August 1962
Time Out JFK articles Analysis of assassination ten years later
November 23-29, 1973 November 23-29, 1973
Times Ahead Blueprint for the 90's
TML Weekly (The Marxist-Leninist Weekly) Chertsey – Nine Years Later: The Deed of the Party Is Its Word, vol. 3, no. 25 Memorial Concert – To Our Beloved Comrade Hardial Bains, vol. 3, no. 26 60th Anniversary of the birth of comrade Hardial Bains; 10th Anniversary of Chertsey – Party Dedicates Monument, vol. 4, no. 33 Dedication of the Party Monument: A Revolutionary Tribute to the Building of A New World, vol. 4,
nos. 34, 35 Let Us Realize The Call of Our Martyrs: In the New Millennium, Turn Historic Success into Final Victory, vol. 4, nos. 51, 52
August. 15, 1998
August 23 1998
August. 15, 1999

August. 22 & 29, 1999

December 19 & 26, 1999
Toward the 21st century Building the future of Africa in the 21st century: Published by The population institute File under: Population
November 8, 1988
Transition Published by institute for world order;
New York File under Institute for World Order
January 1977
Tricycle: the Buddhist Review The politics issue
Fall 2004
TV Guide Published by Triangle Inc.: Radnor, PA
June 22-28,1985
TV Guide What we've learned about America from our years in the white house by Ronald Reagan
June 28-July 4, 1986
United States institute of peace Journal Published by United States Institute of Peace: Washington, D.C. (30 issues/36 issues)
1988 - 1994
United States Institute of Peace Special Report Published by Published by United States Institute of Peace: Washington, D.C. 3 issues
USA Patriot "Charles E. Collins: Steps forward as the only Constitutionalist"
September 1995
Viehulloise, La Ville de Hull: Votre magazine d'information municipale
Autumn, 2001
Washington Post Published by Washington Post Company, Washington, DC. (47 issues) Saved as mag_washpost.doc
2005 - 2006
Washingtonian "Best and worst". Washington Magazine Inc. Filed under Washington, George
July 1990
Whole Life Times JFK & The New Age
November 1988
World (2 issues) "Emancipation: Black political leaders cast off liberal ideology" Filed under Black Political Leaders
June 1994
World of work report Published by American institute: New York File under Work in America Institute
June 1979
World Press Review Tracking Terrors Trail: The New Global Intelligence Network The Putin Enigma: Where is he leading Russia Filed under Vladimir, Putin Elections '88 Seen From Abroad Filed under Election 1988 China Daily
March 2002
March 2001
February 1988
July 1989
Yankee About Sturbridge Village and Sausage Stuffers and Thanksgiving Dinner Circa 1832
November 1976