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Series VIII - Media

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*[1996-2000] indicates that no specific date was available

A. Cassettes

Box File Description Date
157 1 2598A, [City Council Business Session] 6-17-97
157 2 2600A, [City Council Business Session] 6-17-97
157 3 2603A, [City Council Business Session] 6-17-97
157 4 2620, [City Council Business Session] 8-5-97
157 5 2621, [City Council Business Session] 8-5-97
157 6 City Council Business Session 3/16/00. 2 copies Mar. 16, 2000
157 7 New Perspective of Excellence 12 Summits of Faith. La Montagne/ Monteau Studios 1999
157 8 Housing Task Force. 1. Statistical Presentation (Tour not recorded) 2. Discussion Mar 26 2000
157 9 In Search of Global Justice. Written/produced for public radio by David Freudberg. "A powerful documentary about human rights and the future of war and peace�with Walter Cronkite" Belmont, MA: Human Media. 2000. 2000
157 10 Mayor's Design Institute Presentation *[1996-2000]

B. Compact Disks (CD's)

Box File Description Date
158 1 Martina McBride. Evolution, includes: A Broken Wing Valentine with Jim Brickman; Still Holding On duet with Clint Black; Be that Way. New York: BMG, 1997. 1997
158 2 Youth Risk Behavior Survey: application for making Youth Risk Survey more useful decision-making tool. U.S. Department of HHS, Public Health Service, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. < > 1995
158 3 Marty Stuart. Honky Tonkin's What I do Best. Produced by Tony Brown and Justin Niebank. Universal City, Ca: MCA Records, 1996. 1996
158 4 Darr Equipment Co. The Whole Is Greater Than The Sum of Its Parts. Interactive CD. *[1996-2000]
158 5 EPA's State and Local Climate Change Outreach Kit. State & Local Climate Change Program. EPA, Office of Air and Radiation (6201J). EPA-430-G-00-001. Includes letter from Abby Young, U. S. Director of the Cities for Climate Protection Campaign, International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives and Paul Stolpman, Director, Office of Atmospheric Programs. March 2000
158 6 Civic Tracker - Florida League Of Cities - Cities Spoken Here *[1996-2000]
158 7 Kitakyushu 1999 25th Japan-American Conference of Mayors and Chamber of Commerce Presidents 1999
158 8 Waco Suspension Bridge Certificate. Word *6.0 n.d.

C. Computer Disks: 3.5�

Box File Description Date
159 1 Annex Word Perfect 6.1. Annexation, Vital for Waco, 2 copies, one single spaced, one double spaced. *[1996-2000]
159 2 Linda Ethridge info. Excel spreadsheet containing names of addresses of Waco voters [2000]
159 3 Mayor's Committee on People with Disabilities Mailing. Wdb. File is not readable in Word on Dell. Two other files are letters requesting support, Oct. 1996. Disk dated 11/8/96. 11-8-96
159 4 NLC Youth Education and Families. Contains letters requested support for YEF. One letter dated June 22, 1999, two dated Aug. 10, 2000. Disk dated 5/25/99 5-25-99
159 5 Raises XLS Jane Williams. Excel spreadsheet of city salaries. *[1996-2000]
159 6 Standard & Poor's DriQuest Demo 1998
159 7 Summit Memo. Editorial: The Presidents' Summit for America 's Future. Word and memo formats. [1997]
159 8 Vision 20/20 R&H. Contains text of Committee on Economic Development Waco Vision 2020 report. 96p. *[1996-2000]

D. Film Strip

Box File Description Date
160 1 US Conference of Mayors SneakPreview / June 20-24,San Francisco. Includes viewer. April 8, 1997

E. Framed Items- Oversize

Box File Type Description Date
161 1 Broadside of poem "Vespers" by Gary Short: "To commemorate the 66th annual U.S. Conference of Mayors' / Reno, Nevada, June 1998" "This broadside was commissioned by the Nevada Arts Council, Reno C.I.T.Y. 2000 Arts Commission and the Sierra Arts Foundation�The poem is from the author's collection, Flying Over Sonny Liston." In oversize flat tan box. 1998 June
161 2 Certificate�Texas Ranger Hall of Fame and Museum Advisory Committee�do appoint (Michael D. Morrison) an Ex Officio member of the Texas Ranger Hall of Fame and Museum�Size: 41 x 51 cm. In oversize flat tan box March 13, 1999
162 3 Poster. Community Development Block Grant Week in Waco, TX. Size: 61 x 71 cm. In supersize flat tan box. April 20-24, 1998

F. Kit

Box File Description Date
163 1 Media Kit: TUElectric/Lone Star Gas, / TU Renew /Waco Hilton, April 7, 1999 [See also Video No. 11:Message from the Presidents of Lone Star Gas Co. and Lone Star Pipeline Co."] Contents: - Cap: TU renew: Together, we can generate change. White cap with black/green lettering/logo - CD: The Green Home: a new "green" way of building and operating your home" 1997 - Name Tag: Michael D. Morrison/Mayor, City of Waco - Pinwheel: Attached to invitation to TU Renew: "What if you could harness the wind?" - T-Shirt: TU Electric/Lone Star Gas logo in blue/black on white shirt. Media Advisory: - News Release "Renewable Energy" Program to be announced for Waco Area" - Waco gets wind-powered with TU RENEW - TU Renew costs - TU Renew product options fact sheet Speeches/Remarks - Agenda, Draft and final - Script for Terry Preuninger, Waco District Manager, TU Electric/Lone Star Gas - TU Renew/York Research Corporation Speech for Vito Elefante, Vice President, York Research Corporation - Keynote Speech: "TU Renew Project." Dan Farell, Executive Vice President, TU Electric/Lone Star Gas. 1999

G. Plaques, certificates

Box File Description Date
164 1 Metropolitan Borough Of Wirral. Small wooden crest with small crest of Wirral: "By faith and foresight." 6x7" In gray open top container *[1996-2000]
164 2 Salvation Army Member Advisory Board. Metal on Wood. Red paint is pealing off. 5x17" In gray open top container.. *[1996-2000]
164 3 Waco� for Dedicated Service to the City of Waco. Small acrylic standup award. No name has been added. This is a sample of awards used by the City of Waco. In gray open top box. *[1996-2000]
165 4 American Legion. "Presented to Mr. Mike Morrison/ Mayor, Waco, Texas / In appreciation for participating at the American Legion 78th Annual Department Convention / July 10-14, 1996. Signed by Michael T. Palmquist, Department Adjutant and John A. Brieden, III, Department Commander. Metal on wood. 9x12" In flat tan box. 1996 July 10-14
165 5 Department of Veterans Affairs, Regional Office Building, Waco Texas. "Presented to The Honorable Michael Morrison - Ground Breaking July 19, 1996" A Development of McCord Development, Inc. Metal label and miniature "gold" shovel mounted on wood. 9x12" In flat tan box. 1996 July 19
166 6 McLennan County Veterans Association. "Presented to Mayor Mike Morrison In Appreciation For Your Participation in Veterans Day Parade/ McLennan County Veterans Association / Thanks/ Jerry Simpson / November 11, 1997. Metal on Wood. 8x10" In tan flat box. 1997 Nov. 11
167 7 Veterans of Foreign Wars. Distinguished Achievement "Presented to Michael D. Morrison Honorable Mayor, City of Waco�In special recognition and sincere appreciation for outstanding achievements and exceptional leadership ability to the City and Waco and community. Presented this 21st Day of April, 1998." "Thank You For Supporting Our Veterans of the United States " Loyalty Day 1998. H. Cecil Wooten, Post Commander, Post 2983. Metal scroll on wood. 12x14" In large tan flat box. 1998 April 21
167 8 Citizens Of Mart. "To the City of Waco/ Thank You for Being a Wonderful Neighbor/ Gratefully, The Citizens of Mart / August 1998/ Mike Morrison, Mayor. Metal plate on wood. 12x15" In large tax box. 1998 Aug.
168 9 Clock. 100th Anniversary of Veterans of Foreign Wars, 1988-1999. "Presented to Mike Morrison, Mayor - City of Waco, Texas In Appreciation for Your Dedication and Contributions to all veterans. VFW Post 2983 and the City of Waco. H. Cecil Wooten, Commander." Large black plaque with clock on left and VFW anniversary logo on right. Plaque is in a gold box which also has a VFW bumper sticker. 11x23" In gold box. 1999
166 10 Veterans Of Foreign Wars Department of Texas Certificate of Appreciation. "Presented to City of Waco/ Presented during the 150th Anniversary Celebration of Waco in recognition of the support the city of Waco and the city council have provided to the Veterans of the Waco area for 150 years�" Paper certificate inside blue presentation folder. Also includes letter from William D. "Doug" Bell, State commander, March 15, 1999. 9x11.5"In tan flat box. 1999 Mar. 15
166 11 Jewish National Fund. Certificate: "One Tree has been planted in the Hills of Jerusalem by The Hon. Michael D. Morrison, Mayor of Waco, Texas while participating in the 19th Jerusalem Conference of Mayors, 14 May, 1999." Paper, unframed. 10x14" In tan flat box. 1999 May 14
164 12 Baylor University CMAD Conference, Presenter 2000, Mike Morrison. 3x3" In gray open top container. 2000

H. Postcards

Box File Type Description Date
169 1 Vance Kirkland Postcards Capri,
Central City Opera House Memory of Burma Mistero Di Pompei Nebula Near Saturn Painting Number 17 Roofs Ronda, Spain The Energy of Explosion 24 Billion Yrs BC The Lost Princess The Mountain Ruins Timberline Abstraction Toledo, Spain View of Perugia Villa Dei Misteri

I. Videos

Box File Title / Publisher Date
170 1 American Film and San Francisco *[1996-2000]
170 2 Building Cities of Character \ Institute in Basic Life Principles. Box One, Oak Brook, IL 60522-3001 10 min. 5-19-98
170 3 Building Cities of Character \1998 Conference Summary, IACC International Association of Character Cities, Box One, Oak Brook, IL 60522-3001 1998
170 4 Cerritos, The Place To Be City of Cerritos, CA *[1996-2000]
170 5 Daley Presidency(2) *[1996-2000]
170 6 H.O.T Fair & Rodeo on ESPN, 1999 1999
170 7 Iscar Image Plus / Iscar New Line *[1996-2000]
170 8 Jesus\ Produced by John Heyman, Directed by Peter Sykes and John Kirsch released by Warner Brothers Montgomery and Associates Demo Reel Nov. 1996
170 9 Local Airports Access to America \ AOPA ( Airport Support Network)Frederick, MD; Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, 1998. 1998
170 10 Mayors' Olympikids For Fitness \ United State Olympic Committee (2) Colorado Springs, CO: United States Olympic Committee Education Resources. Email: *[1996-2000]
170 11 Message From the Presidents of Lone Star Gas Co and Lone Star Pipeline Co. *[1996-2000]
170 12 Montgomery & Associates Demo Reel. November 1996. Political campaign ads 1996
171 13 National League of Cities Comcast Production Group. TRT 17:00 *[1996-2000]
171 14 News of Texas- The Texas Network. 6 p.m. February 4, 1999 Approx. 24 minutes Feb. 4, 1999
171 15 Path of A Bullet\ 1998 Long Beach Unified School District 1998
171 16 Plano's Promise\ Plano Television Network *[1996-2000]
171 17 Preparing for Y2K, Local Government Testing and Contingency Planning Programs\ National League of Cities. A Satellite broadcast produced by the National League of Cities, National Association of Counties, International City/County Management Association, Public Technology, In. Videotape distribution funded by a grant from the Federal Emergency Management Agency. *[1996-2000]
171 18 Presidents' Summit for America 's Future\ National News Highlights and Full Coverage on C-Span. January24, 1997 - TRT: 35:00 Jan. 24, 1997
171 19 President's Summit Video Conference. 4-2-97 4-2-97
171 20 Project 76707 Keep Waco Beautiful, State Award Ceremony *[1996-2000]
171 21 Project Impact "Changing the Way America Deals With Disaster" TRT: 4:55 Jan 1999
171 22 Public Private Water Works! \United States Conference of Mayors Urban Water Council 1-27-99
171 23 Readiness 2000 Public Awareness Spots \ State of Texas Emergency Management. Seven 30/60 sec. Spots, one in Spanish: Scary Things, Tony Garza, Vera, Porch, Aunt Pearl, Bertha, Tony Garza (Sp) 2000
171 24 Real Industrial Parks\ Tefen Industrial Park, Tel-Hai Industrial Park and Omer Industrial Park "8 yrs. Of activity and 45 new exporting companies!" 1993
171 25 Report to Leaders - Institute in Basic Life Principles, Box One, Oak Brook, Il 60522-3001. Runtime: 13 minutes 1995
171 26 Sex Offenders - Texas News Network. TRT: 16:00 *[1996-2000]
172 27 VFW 100th Anniversary (2) 1999
172 28 We're Talkin' Waco \ Bruce Johnson Waco Convention & Visitors Bureau Littlebox Productions (2) 1999
172 29 What About� Kids Comment on the Presidents' Summit for America 's Future Initiatives\ Allstate Insurance *[1996-2000]
172 30 Wonder of Israel : a video & poster/study guide from Kidsnet 1997