Baylor University Poage Library

Series Outline

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I. Conferences

II. Personal

A. General
B. Campaign Materials

III. Publications

A. General Publications
B. Texas Publications
C. Waco Publication
D. Multi-issue Publications

IV. Texas

V. United States

VI. Waco

VII. Waco Government

VIII. Media

A. Cassettes
B. CDs
C. Computer Disks: 3.5"
D. Film strip
E. Framed items - oversize
F. Kit
G. Plaques, certificates
H. Postcards
I. Videos

IX. Memorabilia

A. Apparel
1. General
2. Caps
3. Jersey
4. Polo's
5. T-shirts

B. Buttons

C. Calendars and Planners

D. Card Holders

E. Cups, goblets, and mugs

1. Cup holders
2. Plastic cups
3. Goblets
4. Mugs

F. Flags

G. Key chains

H. Media (See Media Series)

I. Mouse Pads

J. Name Tags

1. General
2. Individual
3. Luggage tags
4. Room key tags

K. Padfolios

L. Pens and pencils

1. Pencils
2. Pens

M. Pins

1. Cities
2. Countries, cities, flags
3. Events
4. Pins with dates

N. Plates (name plates, stickers, bookmarks)

2. Magnets and stickers
3. Name plates

O. Odd Items

P. Oversize

Q. Totes, computer bags, backpacks