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Mr. Frank Lee Moffett

Biographical Data Concerning Mr. Frank Lee Moffett

Chillicothe, Texas

Frank Lee Moffett was born October 31, 1860 near little town of Red Oak in Ellis County, Texas. His nieces and nephews still own the farm land which his father purchased before the Civil War in Ellis County. F.L. Moffett was the oldest and only survivor of seven children. He was born exactly one week before Abraham Lincoln was elected President the first time in November, 1860, and remembers when his father returned home from the Civil War in the spring of 1865. He remembers well the hardships and struggles of reconstruction days following the close of the Civil War. Schools, as well as teachers, were very scarce, and he only attended rural school a total of about 24 months until he reached the age of 16. At that time he rode one of his father's best saddle horses over the hill one Sunday afternoon, and the family did not see him again for 11 years, and they never saw the horse again. During that period he traveled over most of the Western States and finally landed in Juneau, Alaska in 1884. He had worked mostly as a ranch hand on western ranches, but when he reached Alaska, he worked as a miner in the Alaska-Juneau Gold Mine as a day laborer for one year, and then with a party of three others went into the interior of Alaska where they did placer mining, whish is a crude process of washing stream sand and gravel through a sluice box to secure the few flakes of gold hidden here and there in the sand and gravel. In the four years that he spent in the interior of Alaska he and the others only found one sand bar where their effort were handsomely rewarded. In that instance they found enough natural fine gold flakes that each one's part was about $4000. He brought that natural gold in a leather poke back to San Francisco, where it was sold to the government mint for the $4000, mentioned above. He returned to Texas, visited his family, bought a wagon and team, and went to Hardeman County. In 1889 he bought a section of land, which he still owns. His holdings have been enlarged since that time. He was County Commissioner of Hardeman County 1896-1908; in the latter part of this 12 year period , the present county Courthouse at Quanah was built. He is the only survivor of the group of county officials which held office at that time.

Two children survive Mr. Moffett - Mrs. Raymond Touchstone and Senator George Moffett, both of Chillicothe, Texas. His wife, the former Ina Farrington, died in 1959. He was a 32nd degree Mason, and a Shriner.

PS: Died Jan 20th 1962, Age 101